your dream bridal / lookbook styling by emily starr alfano


of the various professional hats i wear, perhaps my favorite is stylist. being able to dream up a concept and see it through just makes me happy. a few months ago, i was asked to lead the creative charge for a fun project...the your dream bridal lookbook. the boutique, owned by kick ass new mama malinda macari {who came to the shoot with her months old son}, is in sudbury and offers a unique selection of bridal dresses. malinda carries dresses that are 100% focused on the bride, designs that are stylish yet allow you to be yourself. designers include truvelle {an exclusive to the boutique}, azul by liancarlo, lea-ann belter, laudae and more. but the best part? your appointment is in a one-on-one setting {yes, as in the boutique is completely yours!} so you get malinda's complete attention. make sure to keep reading because she's hosting a trunk show this weekend!


the shoot was a collaboration in the best sense of the word...every area including photography, styling, florals, hair, makeup, video and more was covered {thanks to natalie from in good company} so we all felt taken care of and were able to truly focus on our respective talents. we bounced ideas off of each other and the end result was really special. i left the shoot feeling creatively energized and when beth sent over the final images, my jaw literally dropped. just take a look for yourself...


ok so are your or someone you know getting married? because malinda is hosting a trunk show from may 25-27 for her exclusive designer - truvelle, and she has a few appointment times remaining. brides will be able to CUSTOMIZE a bespoke dress made literally just for you. this is an opportunity that doesn't come along often and i can attest to the truvelle dresses being equally as beautiful in person as they look in photos! make your 90 minute private appointment today here.

and finally, i wanted to give a shout out to the stellar team of creatives who helped bring this shoot to life. 

photography / elizabeth laduca
creative direction + styling / mStarr design
bridal boutique / your dream bridal
florals / wild folk studio
rentals / kadeema rentals
hair / maricruz hairstyles 
makeup / glamour cosmetics
models / maggie agency
shoes / bella belle shoes
rings / e scott originals
video / stop go love 
pr / in good company


max's 2nd birthday plans by emily starr alfano


it's hard to believe this munchkin is almost TWO. we kinda went all out for her first because, duh. and while we'll certainly have some fun details for this party {because you know, it's me}, we're reigning things in just a bit. we started music class when max was 6 months old and never looked back. her love for music and singing is as evident as it's ever been, so a music-related party it is! her teacher, stacey, is coming to the house and following that, we'll have a little pizza party. and cake of course. 

so i'm sure you're thinking, oh it'll be a music-themed party! yeah, not so much. i wanted to build on something happy and everywhere i turn these days, it's rainbow this and rainbow stripe that. and i'm kinda loving it all so while there's no true "theme", it'll be colorful and festive! below are some things i've purchased, are on the list, or are just inspiring me!


1 / invites are out! 2 / hanna andersson always has the happiest clothes. and ps. it's on sale right now! 3 / who doesn't love tattoos? 4 / striped cups. 5 / cutest plates. 6 / pinwheels for the kiddos. 7 / a giant sized balloon fits the bill. 8 / stackable crayons. genius. 9 / rainbow crayons. 10 / striped plates. 

and now to figure out the cake...
hope you all have a happy weekend!


ps. photo of max by my dear friend becca, who left boston a florist and returned a {really talented} photographer.