#farmhousedialfano on glitter guide {and shop it!} part 1 / by emily starr alfano

coffee table  /  tripod lamp  / pendleton blanket { similar } / couch { similar } /  rug  / driftwood stag { similar } / driftwood garland { similar } / knit pillow { similar } /  linen throw  / stool { similar }

coffee table / tripod lamp / pendleton blanket {similar} / couch {similar} / rug / driftwood stag {similar} / driftwood garland {similar} / knit pillow {similar} / linen throw / stool {similar}

well hello friends! it's been awhile. and i feel like i owe a major update on life in general but for now, i'll keep things simple. motherhood is exhilarating and exhausting, mStarr is expanding to more projects outside of weddings, while cutting back on said weddings. it's both an exciting + transitional time!

with all that said, i'm back to share a recent feature of our home {aka #farmhousedialfano} on one of my favorite lifestyle blogs, glitter guide. i was honored to receive an email from the GG team a few months back and excited to finish up some projects i had been putting off to get the house ready to shoot {like getting max's ridiculously beautiful anewall wallpaper up}! with the feature covering 5 rooms and many photos, i'm splitting it all up into 3 posts, to be shared over the next few days! 

first up in the house tour? the living room.  i turned to my photographer pal joyelle west {who has shot our house before here and here AND big news, for a book coming out SO SOON}, and as usual, she captured everything beautifully. the big difference in this shoot vs. the other three is that max was photographed! seeing her cute face in professional photos will never not make me happy. 


the feature focused on the visuals of the house but also the process behind the design of it. while i often feel like i just make decisions because i simply like something{which, side note, i firmly believe is OK to do!}, digging a little deeper and sharing why i made X or Y decisions was fun. so, for instance, one of my tips for decorating with kiddos is to invest in pieces that can be flexible in meeting both your current + future needs. our coffee table is a prime example of that. we needed a new table when max was only 5 months old and not mobile. but assuming we'd have the table for at least a couple years, we decided on a round one on wheels that has open storage underneath. she's been able to take out her own toys, we can move the table aside easily to make cozy nests on the floor, and we feel a lot better when she stumbles and bumps her head on something round vs. something with sharp corners.

coffee table  /  children's chair  /  windowpane pillow  /  rug  / driftwood stag { similar } / driftwood garland { similar } 

coffee table / children's chair / windowpane pillow / rug / driftwood stag {similar} / driftwood garland {similar

driftwood stag { similar } / driftwood garland { similar } 

driftwood stag {similar} / driftwood garland {similar

chair  /  shelves  / rug { similar } /  basket  / children's chair { similar } / vintage ladder { similar } /  sconce  /  bunny  / mini french market bag { similar } /  dog bed

chair / shelves / rug {similar} / basket / children's chair {similar} / vintage ladder {similar} / sconce / bunny / mini french market bag {similar} / dog bed


and something new for you all! shop our living room below...all links are listed above as well. 

full glitter guide feature here. stay tuned for parts 2 and 3! and as always you can follow what's currently going on in my world over on instagram.