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dresser for max's room by emily starr alfano


if you caught my instagram stories {now a highlight under ‘max room’} and posts these past couple weeks, you might have noticed a theme. for both practical {she doesn’t need a “nursery” anymore. insert wow and crying emojis here} and aesthetic {read: i’m bored} reasons, i’ve been spending a lot of time revamping max’s room.


the layout is now perfect for her to play and grow and really opens up this small room which is only 9 x 11’. there’s just one thing that’s not quite working…her existing dresser {i added these knobs}. i love the dresser itself and it’s served us well, fitting all of max’s clothes as she’s grown. but in order to make this layout work, the dresser needs to go between the closet and main door. and as you can see above, it’s just too wide and the door won’t fully open. for now it’s fine but it looks a new dresser is on the horizon.

i’ve rounded up a few that i think would work well in the space. whatever we get needs to be spacious given it’s max’s primary storage {right now the closet in the room is a combo catchall for max, bill, and storage} so it needs to be a taller chest of drawers vs wider dresser, but not too tall that it overwhelms the small room and its low ceilings.


one / might be a little too modern but i like the overall look.

two / a pretty classic style that will look good with different design schemes.

three {in natural maple} / can’t decide if the base is too bulky but love the matching handles.

four / also like the matching handles here and the base is similar to what we have now.

five / the color is what gets me here.

six / this is an unfinished style so i’d probably just seal it and keep the color as is.

seven / this is a whopper of an investment from kalon studios but it’s handmade and perfect.

eight / i’m so so on the base but like the general design.

keep in mind that for the styles that have knobs, i would replace with something more decorative. lots to think about…


2018 by emily starr alfano

instagram  best nine

instagram best nine

happy new year friends! it’s hard to believe another year has come and gone and we’re onto 2019.

2018 was one of change. a year of many happy moments, yet a year of unease. a year dominated by the struggle of balancing mom guilt and being a business owner. a year where i didn’t feel great physically thanks to lingering lyme disease symptoms, chronic migraine-related vertigo (something i’ve had for almost two decades), and persistent neck and back pain. a year where i also felt a genuine shift within myself. perhaps it’s because i have changed. perhaps it’s because this little business of mine has a new direction. perhaps it’s because i turn 40 next year. FORTY?!  speaking of 40,  where should we go to celebrate the big birthday? taking any + all travel recs!

my brother’s wedding in colorado /  chrisman studios

my brother’s wedding in colorado / chrisman studios


2018 saw us navigating toddlerhood. max is a happy, inquisitive, loving 2 year old who brings joy to so many. we’re dealing with the usual challenges of parenting a toddler, especially one with such a strong personality but we are so very lucky to have this girl in our lives. 

2018 flipped a switch in how i want #farmhousedialfano to look and function. i’m in constant purging mode and am trying to make the best choices for our home and family…taking into account max’s changing needs, the restrictions our 200 year old house presents, and balancing them with my ever-present desire to keep things fresh aesthetically and have quality instagram content!

nancy + mark /  ruth eileen photography
barrie + danny /  belathée

barrie + danny / belathée

2018 saw mStarr transition away from weddings, finishing the year with just two {they were beauties!} and more towards interior styling, brand partnerships, and creative direction. it’s taken a couple years to figure out my priorities for the business, including what i enjoy doing + what i think is viable for mStarr. i’m excited about what’s next! more to come on this in the near future…





i worked with some great brands and companies this year including interior define, lulu & georgia,, style me pretty and david’s bridal, and have some exciting partnerships coming up in the next several months.

your dream bridal lookbook /  elizabeth laduca

your dream bridal lookbook / elizabeth laduca

style me pretty for david’s bridal /  becca brendler photography

style me pretty for david’s bridal / becca brendler photography

i’m a bit wary of resolutions but i hope this year brings…more calm, growth as a person, mother + wife, further clarity + growth for mStarr, less worry, more travel, more being present, more awareness, less guilt, more acceptance, less judgement, more mrs. maisel, and more self care {remember, i’m turning 40. FORTY.} oh and less trump. 

farewell 2018, i’m ready for you 2019.