the last stop in the #farmhousedialfano glitter guide tour...max's room and our bedroom! the former is probably my favorite in the house, the latter is my least favorite.

i'm constantly making little changes to max's room! both for functional purposes as she gets older and design-wise {cuz i can't help myself}. it's a small space but a happy and bright one that's filled with a mix of sentimental keepsakes and new items. because it's so small, i wanted to make a statement but due to its size, felt the room couldn't handle too much on the walls. we painted it benjamin moore patriotic white which is actually a very soft pistachio color and went bold on one wall with anewall decor's oh deer mural. max loves animals and some of her favorites are all in the incredibly beautiful artwork.

above you can see a couple very meaningful additions to the room...a romper that i wore as a baby and max wore in her newborn shoot {framed by framebridge} and a framed bunny print that hung in my room as a child.

more sentimental additions above include a pair of my toe shoes that we used for max's 1st birthday party, the first piece of clothing i bought while pregnant, a vintage dress gifted to max, her very first briar bonnets, and an old edition of house at pooh corner. 

and now onto our bedroom! we have a few things working against us.

1/ it's a rectangle shape which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing BUT the bed can only go in one place {across from some built-in shelving} which means you walk directly into a bed corner every day. and the rectangle shape is awkwardly split by the bed and the door to the bathroom.

2/ besides a bed, we haven't bought any furniture for the room {we moved in july of 2014} . which means we're using a mishmash of old dressers + armoires and they're not super functional in the space. 

3/ there's a very small, very narrow "walk in" closet. when i say narrow it means that when clothes are hung, you have to slide in sideways and try to view the clothes that are essentially in your face. 

4/ slanted ceiling above the bed.

anyways, we did paint the room when we moved in and i try to make it feel as cozy + comfortable as possible with bedding, pillows etc. but ultimately? it's not even close to where i want it to be. 

nightstand { similar } /  linen sheets  /  linen comforter  /  blanket  /  picture ledge  / hanging shelf { similar }

nightstand {similar} / linen sheets / linen comforter / blanket / picture ledge / hanging shelf {similar}

hanging shelf { similar } /  candle

hanging shelf {similar} / candle

and that’s a wrap on the glitter guide feature! naturally, things already look different around here, and i have {really desperate} hope for some additional projects this year (quartz countertops, new couch, new fan/light in the living room, additional storage options, bedroom wallpaper accent wall yada yada yada) but i'm glad you all got to see how the house looked in november when it was photographed.  AND i’m just about done with my former office which is now a playroom/office combo so stay tuned for that reveal. 

shop max's room + our bedroom below....all links are listed above as well. 

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the entire glitter guide feature is here.  all photos by joyelle west

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next up in the #farmhousedialfano tour on glitter guide is our kitchen and dining room...the most used room and an admittedly underused room. i think as max gets older and we eat more meals truly together, we'll be able to utilize the dining room more than we do now. but for now, it looks pretty!

joyelle and i didn't spend a ton of time on the kitchen this go-around so you're only seeing a few angles + details. but they're the best of each! one of the things GG asked was about open shelving, something we have an abundance of in our kitchen. as in, we don't have any upper cabinets at all! we inherited the shelving from the previous owners and i have a mostly love, slightly hate relationship with it. some days i think closed cabinets would be better {especially now with all of max's cups, bowls, snacks etc.} but ultimately i love the versatility of the open shelving and that they are a design feature in and of themselves. 

display cabinet { similar } /  rug  /  light fixture  / custom table { similar } / chairs { similar } / table runner { similar } / sheepskin { similar  +  faux option }

display cabinet {similar} / rug / light fixture / custom table {similar} / chairs {similar} / table runner {similar} / sheepskin {similar + faux option}

like most rooms in the house, the dining room is small. it has 3 entrances/exits {to the kitchen, the living room, and a hallway} and the new playroom/office is off of it. so it gets great light, particularly in the afternoon. 


and here's your chance to shop the kitchen + dining room...all links are listed above as well. 

the entire glitter guide feature is here.  all photos by joyelle west

you can check out part 1 of this series here. part 3 coming next...

and as always you can follow what's currently going on in my world over on instagram.