gifts for her

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE FOR HER by emily starr alfano

did you miss our guide for the littles? now it’s time for the gals in your life! or perhaps just a treat for yourself??


1 / ‘tis the season for winter boots.

2 / i wear max’s initials on a pinky ring and am completely coveting this classic signet style.

3 / i’ve been dealing with more skin discoloration recently and now that the cold weather is here to stay, it needs as much moisture as possible. blue cocoon is a DREAM.

4 / for the wannabe knitter, a kit to knit a hat!

5 / i was overdue for a new flatiron. loving the one kristin ess recently launched.

6 / ban.dō teamed up with the little words project to craft this bracelet representing self-love, femininity and kindness.

7 / i use these pouches for max’s diapers + all the various knickknacks in my bag. this color palette sells out ALL THE TIME so act quickly.

8 / these slippers look like literal clouds. i want.

9 / i have a sweater in this pattern and it’s the softest ever! i can only imagine how soft the hat is.

10 / because SPF is non-negotiable.

11 / a pillowcase designed to protect + hydrate skin, reduce split ends, and ensure a longer-lasting blow out. plus it feels like a dream.

12 / fellow 80’s kids, remember caboodles?!

13 / these earrings are bold yet chic.

14 / a cooler candle i have not seen.

15 / for the gal who brings her lunch to work.

16 / everyone needs a weekender bag in their collection.

17 / for the gal who wants immediate gratification…

and just like for the littles, i have more options HERE for you! i just keep adding…and adding…

disclaimer: items may sell out quickly and/or be restocked. let me know if you find something is out of stock and i’ll try to find somewhere else to purchase.

stay tuned for him, home + books!