so what's this whole event design thing about? are you a planner? and what’s the difference between design + styling?

mStarr is not a traditional planning studio when it comes to weddings. we found our niche in creative direction...bringing the event to life. we focus on the decor, the details, the styling. we're creating the aisle rather than getting you down it. we leave the extensive logistics to those who handle them best, and after several years in business, we’ve found that it works best for everyone when we work WITH a planner or coordinator to make sure all bases are covered leading up to, and throughout, the big day. and we work with some awesome ones. what we do offer is month of coordination wrapping up select logistical details {timing among them} with all vendors and YOU.

as your designers, we oversee the aesthetic + details of the day, honing in on and streamlining your vision. as your stylists, we bring those details + that vision to life the day of. we’re spending dedicated time to make sure the tablescapes are set per the design plan, all accents are laid just right and all displays look their best. we then work with the photographer to make sure everything is captured perfectly.

when we take on smaller-scale events like parties or showers, we are happy to offer complete coordination services in addition to our design offerings.

what about interior styling?

we're really excited to offer these services on a small-scale {one room, one area in a room} or large-scale basis {multiple rooms, outdoors}. sometimes you just can't figure out next steps for a space and we're here to help you figure them out, whether that's determining what you already have that can work to suggesting new ideas.

are you on-site throughout the duration of my wedding or event?

it depends, but in general, unless there's a display that needs to be set up once things get started, the mStarr design team will have left by the time the event starts, having turned things over to the mStarr logistics coordinator or hired planner, venue coordinator, or caterer. our day begins early in the morning {if not the day before} and set-up is generally completed as guests arrive. should additional services be needed during the event we are available to stay for an additional fee.

who are your typical clients?

our clients are a mix of creatives, doctors, lawyers, even chefs! but they all have one thing in common: they care about WOW-ing their guests + themselves. think...out-of-the-box creativity, unique venues, personal details, accommodating providers, and killer photography to capture it all. many of our clients + their guests are traveling to the wedding and we aim to make it as pleasurable + seamless as possible for them!

i'm a hands-on bride. is that a problem?

um no. in fact, we love it. we're truly as hands-on as you want us to be. at the very least, we're by your side, gathering all the various ideas {yours or ours}, making sure everyone is doing what they should be doing, and making sure it all comes together cohesively + beautifully. we look at the big picture and make sure things stay on track...both conceptually and with any projects we all may be working on. 

where do you find inspiration?

we see beauty + inspiration pretty much everywhere {no seriously} but some fave sites are listed over on our blog. check ‘em out!

why do you have a minimum investment?

we've been doing this for awhile. we know the time + labor that's required to conceptualize + produce a beautiful + functional design. we may not be "planners" but there are many {many} logistics we need to understand and factor into our work, and that has come with years of experience + learning from any past mistakes. for instance, we can't recommend only pretty items for your tablescapes...we have to know what the menu looks like so you have the right amount of flatware + china options. are you having a champagne toast? you need a flute on the table. do we want a menu card and/or placesetting accent? it's important we let the caterer know that the first course can't be pre-plated and should be served after guests sit down.

what is a design plan?

ahhh, so it's like an encyclopedia. for weddings + events, it includes photoshopped mockups, images, descriptions, instructions and so much more for EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL. from rentals to floor plans, florals to tablescapes, we got it all covered so you and other vendors know what’s going on…while ensuring that everything remains cohesive. for other projects + interiors, it's a pretty similar concept but we outline resources + show a few different options on how things might look together.

can we hire you after we secure a venue? 

the short answer is yes. the longer answer is that it’s really beneficial when we’re involved in the venue search. many traditional venues still don’t allow for an all-day or multi-day setup, or they charge you an arm + a leg to do so. and an all-day or multi-day setup is what we need to achieve the type of design we’re known for. we’re just not built for a 2-hour setup, and we really specialize in {and love!} non-traditional venues {think barns, fields, ranches, lofts etc.} 

sometimes clients come to us with venues that we know + adore and that are flexible in working with us. however, if a venue isn’t going to be flexible or accommodating, it’s our job to tell you it like it is. we wouldn’t want you to get your hopes up and not be able to design something as fabulous as you deserve!

do you prefer working with specific providers?

we are absolutely open to working with any providers, but we do end up working often with certain ones. why? because when we collaborate with those we share an aesthetic + approach with, we bring out the best in each other. and it truly benefits you.

how do you approach labor + design fees and materials?

in a nutshell, we conceptualize the ideas {with your input of course!}, decide on the best provider and//or materials to execute them, and you'll pay the vendors directly or provide the money {typically via a credit card} for us to buy the materials. we encourage you to think about the overall design budget in two pools of for our services, labor + travel fees, and the second for materials. we include the fees for our services in the proposal and after we get a little more info and start brainstorming ideas down the line, we're able to give a better sense of materials costs. of course if you have a number in mind, we can certainly offer suggestions for staying within the budget, and we can always provide general ranges for what things may realistically cost. it’s no surprise that weddings + events are expensive but we try to be up front and honest about what things really do + can cost. 

we also want to be honest about budget and whether you can afford our services, and then the materials needed to make things great. we don’t need an unlimited budget by any means but also know there are other things to spend wedding budget on! 

does mStarr travel outside of new england?

absolutely! we're big fans of taking trips near or far, and love weaving cultural + location-based details into our events. tell us where you're thinking and we'll go on an adventure together.