we specialize in weddings, interior + prop styling, parties, babe-related fun, and any other creative project we can get our hands on!

whether you’re looking for comprehensive design or a bit of inspiration, mStarr provides as much hands-on creative direction as you may want or need. think of us as your architect, your sounding board, your voice. those who source the best materials + providers. ideally we’re going to be one of the first stops in your event planning {but it’s ok if we’re not} so we can guide the process, recommending venues that allow for the design and corresponding install we’re known for, and curating providers appropriate to the overall look + feel we’re trying to achieve...those we share an approach + aesthetic with. those who will capture every single detail to perfection. a collaboration with venues, caterers, design providers, and independent coordinators ensures both design + logistics needs are met + coordinated in tandem. our goal is to create an experience for you + your guests, not just a celebration.

conceptualizing a vision that highlights your style + personal story is what really drives us. we’re gonna craft the details that make your event or project undeniably yours. it’s a tie of a napkin, a memento from your proposal, a drape of a linen. or maybe even a theme? a word or an image? whatever it is you’re looking for, we bring it to life. we’re all about mixing materials + textures that may not belong together...rustic wood with glitter. plexiglass with gold leaf. we think outside that proverbial box and aim for a design that’s organic, cohesive + not too fussy.

the greatest compliment we’ve received is that our designs all look different but you can tell it’s an mStarr event. and that’s exactly what we strive for.



c o m p l e t e  w e d d i n g  d e s i g n

our most popular + comprehensive package. soup to nuts, we develop your signature style, decor scheme + overall vision. we curate your vendors + products, and see it through to styled execution. no two projects or clients are the same so don't expect a proposal created for someone else. your customized proposal is drafted following a complimentary consultation and completion of a questionnaire designed to learn about you, where you are in the planning process, the type of event you want, and just as important, what you don't want.

we take on a select number of complete design weddings per year. 

c l i e n t  e x e c u t e d   e - d e s i g n

want to be inspired? there's an abundance of inspiration out there. sometimes too much. we can help guide or find a vision, and whip up a design plan with visuals to complement it. need help curating the best vendors? we're on it. full disclosure: this service only works if there is some type of on-site team to execute. we take on a small number of these per year.



i n t e r i o r  s t y l i n g / s o u r c i n g

we approach interiors the same way we approach events...we're going to take an existing space and transform it for you. our goal is to learn about your everyday life, where you find your inspiration, and what your end goal is. we'll present concepts + items in a visually-appealing design plan that's easy to navigate, complete with suggested resources. your home is typically where you spend the most time...let us make it a place you actually WANT to spend time in.

we can work with you during a renovation or just when you're sick of looking at the same thing every day and want a change! 

p a r t i a l  d e s i g n

tablescapes, paper goods, escort card displays + more. we take on a small number of these per year. 

p a r t i e s,  s h o w e r s + i n t i m a t e c e l e b r a t i o n s

it's what we do...all the details, the whimsy + the special wrapped up into one unforgettable soiree. 


and more...

instagram takeovers, brand partnerships, prop styling + photo shoots, hourly consulting, crafting projects + sourcing recommendations, graphic design, gift suggestions + workshops.

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