here we go! the first of the holiday gift guides…this one is for the littles in your life. without further ado…


1 / a pretty puzzle i can stand looking at.

2 / this onesie. cuz duh.

3 / max needs a new pair of slippers and i’m eyeing these.

4 / because all kids need a castle.

5 / loved eva chen’s second life episode + i can’t wait to get her new book for max! or maybe me.

6 / i just can’t stomach spending a lot on winter coats for max. this puffer is a perfect solution!

7 / sledding season is upon us!

8 / we LOVE these paint sticks. ps. they wash off hands easily.

9 / wee gallery. always.

10 / minted continues to up their game and these personalized aprons are the cutest!

11 / this wobbel board has been on my list for max for ages. just a few things it can be used for include: a rocking balance board, a seat, a bridge, a house, a step etc. etc.

12 / max has a stethoscope and thermometer and she has become such a caring “doctor vana” {the name of her pediatrician"}. my dad + stepmom are getting her this wood kit so she can expand her skills.

13 / italy, japan, iran, india, peru, uganda and russia…this book shares a day in the life of kids in each country. 

14 / make your own doll!

15 / northeast winters = lots of indoor time. bring the playground to them!

16 / personalized denim jacket. enough said.

17 / our rainbow stacker is used as a toy {max} and decor {me}. this one is painted in the prettiest colors.

and because i keep finding more adorable/unique/amazing/wallet-draining ideas, i decided to just create a folder and as i add to it, you can check back here and see them all. everything above is included plus a whole lot more!

as always, items may sell out quickly and/or be restocked. let me know if you find something is out of stock and i’ll try to find somewhere else to purchase.

stay tuned for her, him, home + books!