this past november, we had the pleasure of designing the most beautiful + special wedding to date...our very own lindsay's wedding! lindsay has worked with me for several years and she's the logistical queen behind this creative operation. i can't wait to share the entire wedding {our overall vision was stormy chic and coastal minimalism}, photographed to absolute perfection by my friends henry + mac, but in the meantime...

...SO many of you have asked on instagram for resources for the items used in the tablescape design so i thought i'd link them here for you to shop! whether for a wedding, your home, or a party, you can't go wrong with this elegant, streamlined look.

C A N D L E S /

what you see are actually 3 different ended hurricane shades, taper holders, and of course the candles themselves. we used shades that are 14" high x 2.5" wide but there are other widths + heights as well. the original taper holders we used don't seem to be available anywhere right now but these are similar and for something kinda different, a square optionblack was the perfect accent color for our design but any color will work of course. we recommend dripless tapers {although truth be told, all candles drip.} and we used a mix of 10" and 12" tall. just be sure that the height of the candle is shorter than the height of the hurricane shade. 

it's very important that the candles are firmly secured in the holders {if they're uneven, the heat from the flame can cause the hurricane shade to crack}. i prefer this wax but this is also a good choice! 

G E O D E  D E C O R /

we accented our tablescapes with a variety of geodes + agate slices to add some texture and depth. they can be clustered in piles and nestled amongst other items on the table. jenny sanders calligraphed our table numbers but they can be easily recreated with these agate slices {we used black} and hand writing the numbers, tracing them, or using stickers {herehere}. you could also customize stickers or decals with the numbers written out. you can apply the same concept to smaller placecards like we used below and use smaller round agate slices. just be sure all the agate slices you get don't have holes! 

M E N U  C A R D S /

minted to the rescue for our menu cards! side note, did you know that you can customize minted products with your own calligraphy files or artwork? we used their agate design in smokey grey and incorporated jenny's calligraphy. if you don't need or want menu cards however, you could do placecards or tags. 

T A B L E T O P /

our napkins, plates, glassware + flatware were all rentals from borrowed blu, but just for are some similar resources! flatware options 1 + 2 + 3. napkin options 1 + 2 + 3. plate options 1 + 2 + 3. goblet options 1 + 2 + 3.

so there you have it! this really is a look that can be recreated for large gatherings or for intimate dinner parties. 

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PS those whimsical arrangements and lunaria garlands were crafted by my girl caroline at Wild Folk Studio.