joss & main outdoor dining tablescape by mStarr design

one of the draws when we bought our house was the amount of outdoor space it has. there is a decent size front yard, 2 side yards, a small back porch {where we keep our bbq}, and a large fenced-in backyard with brick patio space. well the patio has become a catch-all for tables/chairs/kids toys/smoker in the past couple years but this is the year we finally are getting our act together and first up are a quality dining table and chairs. enter joss & main!





we moved in july of 2014 and with all the other expenses of first-time home ownership, we didn’t spend a lot on outdoor furniture. instead we got an affordable table and chair set from ikea that were nice enough looking and served their purpose but didn’t last long. this time we wanted to get something of higher quality to withstand the unpredictable new england weather and after perusing joss & main, i was immediately drawn to this solid teak style table with matching chairs.

joss & main outdoor dining tablescape by mStarr design
joss & main outdoor dining tablescape by mStarr design

i love that the table is plank style but the spaces between them are thin. it’s a beautiful teak color that will naturally age with time {did you know that teak will eventually turn to more of a grey color?!}. however i might get a cover for when the weather is particularly bad as i’d like to keep some of the natural color! the design is perfect for casual dinners outside but can also be dressed up for nicer occasions or used as a buffet or drink table.

joss & main outdoor dining tablescape by mStarr design
joss & main outdoor dining tablescape by mStarr design

BONUS assembly of the table was a breeze! the top is hinged so when winter comes, we can remove the legs and support beams and fold the top right up for easy storage. the chairs are simple but stylish and also fold easily. win win.

joss & main outdoor dining tablescape by mStarr design
joss & main outdoor dining tablescape by mStarr design

add some simple + versatile pieces and voila, instant tablescape!


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if you caught my instagram stories {now a highlight under ‘max room’} and posts these past couple weeks, you might have noticed a theme. for both practical {she doesn’t need a “nursery” anymore. insert wow and crying emojis here} and aesthetic {read: i’m bored} reasons, i’ve been spending a lot of time revamping max’s room.


the layout is now perfect for her to play and grow and really opens up this small room which is only 9 x 11’. there’s just one thing that’s not quite working…her existing dresser {i added these knobs}. i love the dresser itself and it’s served us well, fitting all of max’s clothes as she’s grown. but in order to make this layout work, the dresser needs to go between the closet and main door. and as you can see above, it’s just too wide and the door won’t fully open. for now it’s fine but it looks a new dresser is on the horizon.

i’ve rounded up a few that i think would work well in the space. whatever we get needs to be spacious given it’s max’s primary storage {right now the closet in the room is a combo catchall for max, bill, and storage} so it needs to be a taller chest of drawers vs wider dresser, but not too tall that it overwhelms the small room and its low ceilings.


one / might be a little too modern but i like the overall look.

two / a pretty classic style that will look good with different design schemes.

three {in natural maple} / can’t decide if the base is too bulky but love the matching handles.

four / also like the matching handles here and the base is similar to what we have now.

five / the color is what gets me here.

six / this is an unfinished style so i’d probably just seal it and keep the color as is.

seven / this is a whopper of an investment from kalon studios but it’s handmade and perfect.

eight / i’m so so on the base but like the general design.

keep in mind that for the styles that have knobs, i would replace with something more decorative. lots to think about…