if you caught my instagram stories {now a highlight under ‘max room’} and posts these past couple weeks, you might have noticed a theme. for both practical {she doesn’t need a “nursery” anymore. insert wow and crying emojis here} and aesthetic {read: i’m bored} reasons, i’ve been spending a lot of time revamping max’s room.


the layout is now perfect for her to play and grow and really opens up this small room which is only 9 x 11’. there’s just one thing that’s not quite working…her existing dresser {i added these knobs}. i love the dresser itself and it’s served us well, fitting all of max’s clothes as she’s grown. but in order to make this layout work, the dresser needs to go between the closet and main door. and as you can see above, it’s just too wide and the door won’t fully open. for now it’s fine but it looks a new dresser is on the horizon.

i’ve rounded up a few that i think would work well in the space. whatever we get needs to be spacious given it’s max’s primary storage {right now the closet in the room is a combo catchall for max, bill, and storage} so it needs to be a taller chest of drawers vs wider dresser, but not too tall that it overwhelms the small room and its low ceilings.


one / might be a little too modern but i like the overall look.

two / a pretty classic style that will look good with different design schemes.

three {in natural maple} / can’t decide if the base is too bulky but love the matching handles.

four / also like the matching handles here and the base is similar to what we have now.

five / the color is what gets me here.

six / this is an unfinished style so i’d probably just seal it and keep the color as is.

seven / this is a whopper of an investment from kalon studios but it’s handmade and perfect.

eight / i’m so so on the base but like the general design.

keep in mind that for the styles that have knobs, i would replace with something more decorative. lots to think about…




this past september i was asked to style an exciting event to celebrate the launch of wayfair's nora mattresses...and it was kinda my dream project. editors, influencers and bloggers were invited to city vineyard in new york city to preview and test out the nora in person and help spread the word about it.

my job? conceptualize two distinctive, but complementary, bedsides:  a botanical-inspired vignette and a minimalist vignette. both were grounded in floral and greenery accents but used in very different ways. the botanical featured lots of lush roses framing the bed while lots of eucalyptus wove around the bed's canopy.

once the designs were in place, i got to shop wayfair's site and bookmark the various items we'd need to execute the looks. and let's be honest, this part was REALLY fun. lucky for you, i'm sharing all the items we used below! 


the backdrop of the event was the hudson river and new jersey skyline {am i the only one who always thinks of "you've got mail" when tom hanks and the kids scream "hello new jersey!"?} so it was important to have the designs really stand out but also complement that beautiful background. 

i took this opportunity to finally collaborate with sierra and her talented team at poppies & posies on the floral design. i told them what i was looking to do + unsurprisingly they ran with it and they knocked it out of the park.   

577B0033 (Lisa Richov's conflicted copy 2017-10-04).jpg
577B0273 (Lisa Richov's conflicted copy 2017-10-04).jpg
577B9902 (Lisa Richov's conflicted copy 2017-10-04).jpg
577B0038 (Lisa Richov's conflicted copy 2017-10-04) copy.jpg

the early evening event started with bright sunshine, segued to a truly stunning sunset, and ended with cuddling in the beds under the late summer stars. as an avid wayfair fan + shopper {and having done some things previously with them as seen here}, this was a particularly fun project. and for whatever it's worth, i spent a decent amount of time lying on the mattress. it's part of that whole affordable, mattress-in-a-box generation and it's incredibly comfortable. soft yet firm which is key for a gal like me who has a perpetually bad back + neck!

577B0269 (Lisa Richov's conflicted copy 2017-10-04).jpg
577B0210 (Lisa Richov's conflicted copy 2017-10-04).jpg
577B0516 (Lisa Richov's conflicted copy 2017-10-04).jpg
577B0566 (Lisa Richov's conflicted copy 2017-10-04).jpg
577B0546 (Lisa Richov's conflicted copy 2017-10-04).jpg
577B0651 (Lisa Richov's conflicted copy 2017-10-04).jpg

shop the botanical bedside below...

or shop the minimalist design!

or shop both here!

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all photos were taken by lisa richov