i’m back with the next installment of our weekly maker series {i skipped a week, sorry!} and today i’m introducing you to joinery, which is another company i stumbled on after falling down the instagram rabbit hole and i’m so glad i did!

in their own words…"joinery is a place where all kinds of good things come together. it’s a collage of whimsy and restraint, an ode to vintage and a nod to experimentation, a mixture of the familiar with the exotic.” joinery started as a storefront in brooklyn in 2012 and eventually went 100% online with a focus on production of handmade textiles woven in their studio in brazil.


but it’s not just their textiles! how good is that basket above? and stunning walnut bench?! and i must say that for handcrafted items, the pricing is surprisingly affordable {plus some items are on sale right now}.

i just LOVE the look and feel of both their products and their website. the photography is utterly dreamy and earthy and really makes me want to buy everything. i love me some color but joinery truly nails the neutral game. i’ve rounded up some favorites below!


ps. are you liking these maker features?



i’m very excited to kick off a new project: the #mstarrwestonnursery. and this is a very special one as the room is for one of my best friend’s baby boy, due this june! she lives in a beautiful home built in the 20’s and veers towards a more natural, vintage infused aesthetic. while we want the nursery to be unique, the design also needs to be able to grow along with baby and feel a part of the rest of the house. we’re thinking a palette of greens, ivories, and blues.


the crib will most likely go up against this wall and i think said wall is just begging for some wallpaper, yes? and while we still need to finalize the layout, most likely the rocker/glider will go where that chair is right now along with some type of light, side table and ottoman.


the room is currently painted grey and it might stay that way to allow for more colorful/patterned/textured accessories. we’ll probably keep the above layout about the same with the dresser/changing table where the storage unit is now and i’m thinking of some vertical wall storage to the right of the window where the mirror is. the door to the attic swings into that wall so it would have to be fairly narrow. maybe book ledges?


this is the view from the doorway. the radiator is a bit of a hindrance but adding some height with a floor lamp {or sconce?} and maybe some artwork to the right of the window will make for nice visuals when walking in the room.

we’re just starting the design process but i’ve rounded up some things that have caught my eye.


one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen

can’t wait to share more as this room comes together!