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baby girl alfano

two posts in one week?! i’m on a roll. but i thought it would be nice to close out the week with a little post on what most of you have seen by now on instagram + facebook {or you know, because we’re friends. or family.}…bill and i are expecting a baby girl at the end of june!

despite being 23 weeks {today actually}, having a legit bump, and feeling legit kicks {this lady is quite active}, it’s all still a bit surreal. but we couldn’t be more excited! i’ve been navigating a registry {fun!}, mapping out the nursery {way fun!}, and am already looking forward to our shower in april!

like with everything i post on instagram in particular, i’m trying to find the right mix of what to share + when. rest assured what you will see is plenty on the nursery and cute clothes! in the meantime, i wanted to share some pics my talented brother, jesse starr photography, snapped of the bump a few weeks ago during a family weekend in vermont. i’m lucky to have a professional photog in the family to capture these moments on a whim…too bad he lives in colorado {move home uncle jesse!}.

2016 is going to be a big one.

happy weekend!


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