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mStarr was born out of a passion for and a need to create. At the core of who we are is a belief that small details and curated moments matter. That character and charm are rooted in those small details, and that they often make the biggest impact. This is a common thread through all of the work we do and the things we create.

Let us help you create an inspiring and inviting space you actually want to spend time in and share with others.

No.01 Comprehensive Interior Design

Providing a complete experience, we intentionally transform your space with a bespoke design. Our designs are gradually brought to life, through a series of phases meant to learn about your everyday routines & interests and how best to achieve your visual and functional goals while managing the project from conceptualization and sourcing to ordering and execution. The early phases include inspiration and foundational elements, making way for intentional decor and curated details and how to layer them in, and finally implementation, styling, and putting the finishing touches on our project. 

This service is available for in-person and remote projects, typically focusing on 2+ rooms up to a complete home and lasting somewhere between 6 and 24 months. While we understand the inclination to jump ahead, we firmly believe that you need to spend a little time getting used to your new space or digging deeper into your existing one. It’s an important time for us both to learn about you. We work through layouts and overall flow, eventually crafting an easy-to-navigate design plan and resources.

No.02 Virtual Interior Design

Our virtual services are a great option for smaller projects, those not in the New England area, or if you’re looking for less assistance. You’ll manage and execute while we provide clarity, direction, layouts, and a shoppable list of resources to purchase at your own pace. Virtual design services typically last 4-8 weeks and can focus on 1 room up to a complete home. 

No.03 Design Consultation

Our consultations are available for in-person and virtual projects and typically last 90 minutes. This is perfect for anyone who may be stuck, is inspired to do something new but is unsure where to start (or finish), or just needs a sounding board. No less impactful, the consultation is meant to target whatever your list may be and wrap things up in a session. You’ll receive follow-up notes and if done via Zoom, a recording of our discussion. 

No.04 Comprehensive Design Consultation

A step up from our consultation service, this is our version of Designer for the Day and includes a morning session and a later delivery (in the afternoon or the following morning) of a design plan with a shoppable list of resources to purchase at your own pace. One round of revisions is included.


Massachusetts based, virtual services available worldwide

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