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At mStarr, we believe in capturing charm and layering in personality. In perfectly imperfect elements. In designing slower. And above all, infusing character into your space with small but impactful details. 

mStarr was born out of a passion for and a need to create. At the core of who we are is a belief that small details and curated moments matter. That character and charm are rooted in those small details, and that they often make the biggest impact. This is a common thread through all of the work we do and the things we create. 


We love to work with a variety of people, like you, who share a love and appreciation for imperfection and character because we know these are the qualities that create timeless designs and give life to our homes. Timeless to us is a mix of old and new, past and present. Inspired by the past but able to evolve. It’s not a specific look or paint color but something different to everyone. Do you smile as you walk by that piece of art everyday? Can you picture your children cuddled underneath that blanket? 


In true creative fashion, our style is always evolving but one thing we always stay true to is an intentional, slower design. It is approachable and inviting. We create spaces that are meant to be lived in and used, where every detail is thoughtfully considered to suit your personal taste and the way you choose or need to live in your home. We love to help you explore and discover your favorite colors or one-of-a-kind pieces that will remind you of a time, place or person you love. Always collected, layered, and real, we mix old and new with quality pieces from a wide variety of makers - whether that be an incredible vintage shop, mainstream retail store, or an investment custom piece that transforms the space. 


We are cognizant of your budget should there be one, the style of your home, and the goals you have for what you want your home to be. Creatively finding design solutions that evoke a feeling of nostalgia and excites you about the possibilities is what inspires us and drives our work. 

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