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01. Inspiration


Let's find your voice. Why do you like that picture on Pinterest? What inspires you on a daily basis? How do you want your home to feel?

02. Ideation


Determine design elements and dream up a design blueprint detailing what they'll look like and how they'll come together...cohesively and organically.

03. Creative Direction + 
Project Management

From dreaming up or honing in on the overall vision, communicating with vendors, to keeping everyone on track throughout the set timeframe.

04. Sourcing


It's an important part of our job to find the best items and services to achieve the overall vision. Whether surfing the web, connecting with trusted vendors, or hitting up antique markets, we find what we need and stay within budget. 

05. Execution + Styling


We finish the job. Sounds obvious right? Under our guidance, design elements are brought to life and details are styled.

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