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01. what does approachable interiors mean?

A style that's attainable. A nice mix of affordable & investment pieces, vintage & new, artisan & mainstream. They're relaxed, lived-in, curated, layered, and collected. Your design story is told with a focus on both function & beauty tailored to your family and lifestyle.
02. do you have a signature style?

The truth is, it shifts...with the seasons, with age. I'd say it's less a specific style, although our projects do share signature elements. It's more about how we approach design...and the answer is much like I do my own home. To design an evolving that allows for change as your family grows, your everyday changes, your tastes shift, or you like to decorate seasonally! Ultimately we are designing spaces with intention.
03. what is virtual design?

Our design services are offered virtually, rather than in person. The process is similar in terms of curating applicable vendors, services and products but rather than install and style in person, you handle the execution. A virtual design project may be appropriate for clients who don't live in New England or for those who have a specific budget range, and works for one or multiple rooms.
04. do you use
affiliate links?

In many instances, we do. One of the really cool parts of this "job" is being asked what products & services we use/own/buy/recommend. And it's incredibly flattering to even be asked...but often are asked the same questions. It takes time to curate lists and time to answer so linking directly is a more efficient way to share information! 

From a project standpoint, we may use affiliate links when sourcing products from certain retailers. Making a modest commission on certain sales is part of our small business structure. 

Overall, affiliate links are a win-win for us all, and the only cost is to the retailer.
05. how do you approach design fees & purchases?

In a nutshell, we conceptualize the overall vision (with your input of course), decide on the best products, share itemized lists with links, and then we typically make the purchases with your credit card. 

We encourage you to think about the overall design budget in two pools of for our services & labor, and the second for purchases & third party trade services. 

It's important for us to be transparent about budget and also honest about the process may unfold. Estimating hours can be tricky given we're a small operation and it ranges depending on multiple factors that can affect your ultimate investment (timing of decisions, changes to the plan, supply chain issues etc.).
06. what is a design plan?

A design plan is a blueprint of sorts...a visual & informational document that is crafted with our intended aesthetic. The board includes mockups, descriptions, a curated list of products and how they might look together, where they'll be purchased, and more.
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