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A Reimagined Gallery Wall with Joss & Main

Random Amazon finds I can't live without / mStarr design

Happy September! Last I remember it was mid-March and then I blinked and it’s now it’s almost Fall. I don’t know how time can go so fast with the days feeling so endless 😂 But I am not at all mad about Fall being upon us. It has always been my favorite season (I insisted on an October wedding!) and I’m already feeling energized by the chill that comes in the evening air, keeping windows open throughout the day, and cozy loungewear.

With every new season I start to make changes around the house and now is no different: like everyone else, I’ve spent our months at home making plenty of updates (did you catch the #mstarrxohidesign makeover update on our bedroom?!). Our living room hasn’t gotten a ton of love though, mostly because until a few weeks ago, it was still our quarantine hub. Now that Max is back to school a few days a week, I’ve been able to get things somewhat back to normal (side note: I bought the lovely Shira Gill’s Clutter Free with Kids course and while there’s still some work to do, I highly recommend. More than anything, it forced me to really think through the ways Max consumes her toys and to do a purge, something I try to do a few times a year regardless.)

Anyway, the living room was calling out “focus on me, focus on me” so I turned to Joss & Main for a couple new additions…and I am SO happy with them.

Despite being one room, I've mostly treated the living room as two separate spaces. And for good reason! The area with the wood burning stove and art ledges was an add-on at some point (you can see in the picture above the gap in the flooring + how it was installed in the opposite direction as the original flooring...I'll never understand that). The stove and the surrounding stone hearth take up a lot of space and really break up the flow but I had been thinking of ways to marry the spaces together and it came to!

Random Amazon finds I can't live without / mStarr design

Now I'm sure when you think of a gallery wall, you think of multiple pieces of art or frames right? Well I'm here to tell you that it can can be something different. I've always had stacked art hanging over the couch + between the 2 windows and as soon as I came across this shadow box rope art, I knew it was the right piece to bridge the gap between the 2 areas. It's basically a framed sisal rug and I'm here for it. I wanted something larger to center between the stove and edge of the wall but not so large that it would overwhelm the space. The light colored frame and white background is offset by the darker, textured rope and it looks organic yet refined. Combined with the art between the windows and you've got my kind of gallery wall!

I encourage you to think outside that proverbial box when it comes to gallery walls. I do still love a more traditional layout and I think the key is to mix + match frame colors and matting. You want to keep things looking fresh, whether the wall has 3 frames or 10 frames. Looking to change things up? Joss & Main has a great selection of pre-framed art and picture frames.

I wasn't done with just art though! For the past couple years, I've had some type of stool next to the couch acting as a side table. You could maybe fit one glass but mostly it was there to house some coffee table books + greenery/florals (ie. decor over function). I was hoping to replace it with a true side table but because our couch is a lower profile, the table can't be very high nor can it be very wide. And well...that's hard to find. But as I was perusing Joss & Main's site, I figured why not check out the table selections. And there it was... the Friedrich End Table.

It’s the right height, the right width, a beautiful walnut color to add some contrast to the room, adds visual interest with those curved tripod legs, and is perfect for heading into the cooler weather months where I tend to add richer colors to my decor. I've currently got some Fall stems, a candle, and a little accent vase also from Joss & Main. Knowing me however, it'll look different within days, ha ha.

So there you have it! I'm thrilled with these small but impactful updates to the living room and especially happy that it finally feels like one cohesive space. I've got some stuff going on on the other side of the room too so keep an eye out on Instagram.


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Disclosure: this post is sponsored by Joss & Main. As always, selections and opinions are all my own.

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