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A Valentine's Gift Guide for the Littles

Random Amazon finds I can't live without / mStarr design

Valentine’s Day…a perfect excuse to spoil the little ones in your life. It makes the holiday much more fun, especially this year while the pandemic still rages on. So let’s forget the red roses, chocolate, lingerie and whatever other cliché gift is associated with this day and focus on hearts + happiness for the kiddos. Below are some goodies for boys and girls alike…

01. This sherpa pillow was a happy find during one of my weekly visits to Target. Festive for the holiday, it makes for cute year-round decor (and the price can’t be beat)!

02 / No one does jammies better than Hanna Andersson. We have several pairs for every season, and I’m excited to give her this heart pair!

03 / A heart necklace with a vintage vibe.

04 / What says Valentine’s Day more than a “Loved” sweatshirt?

05 / I think my mom gave this In My Heart book to Max at some point and it’s a lovely story about all the feelings we may experience and how to identify them.

06 / A Super Hero doll for the little boy or girl in your life.

07 / Or a ballerina bunny?!

08 / Olli Ella makes some of our favorite toys and accessories, and this Piki picnic basket is fun for both imaginary play and for putting other Valentine goodies in it!

09 / I bought the Botanist’s Sticker Anthology over the holidays and it’s chock full of the prettiest floral + greenery inspired stickers.

10 / Heart face masks…what every kid wants (but really, the Old Navy masks are one of my go-to’s for Max at school. They’re affordable and fit well.)

11 / Give them crayons that look like “gems”, at least that’s what Max would say.

12 / A bunny eye mask in the sweetest gingham print.

13 / Love all things Sarah’s Silks and this rainbow streamer helps encourage creative play and movement.

14 / A sequined pair of sneakers that can flip from silver to a colorful rainbow.

15 / How friggin’ cute is this heart shaped melamine plate?! I snagged some for Max and my nieces + nephew (also available in a bowl).

16 / Another Hanna favorite…slipper moccasins accented with a ♥️.

17 and 18 / Max’s first birthday party was based on Love is a Tutu and I gifted the book and Love is a Truck to all the kids.

19 / What’s a Valentine’s Day without heart sunglasses?

20 Kids enjoy flowers too…but make them reusable with these push puppet flowers (they’ll droop at the press of a button and jump back up when letting go)!

21 / Max got an Instax camera for her 3rd birthday and it remains a favorite. I love looking back at the pics she’s snapped along the way.01. If you’re looking for a cool white that doesn’t feel too stark, Snow Day is it. Jess and I chose this color for the walls in her guest room/office (part of our #mstarrxohidesign makeover) and it instantly brightened the room.


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