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Chic Halloween Decor

Random Amazon finds I can't live without / mStarr design

Happy almost October! I’ve already been seeing Halloween decor outside homes and because #2020, I think everyone is ready for something fun amirite? It’s safe to say people will be decorating for the holidays early too (I’ve got some fun stuff in the works}! I firmly believe that you don’t have to go cheesy to go all out for Halloween.

Last year was all about the bats and spiders in our house and I do think they deserve a repeat though maybe not in the same spots. This year I’m focused on masquerade masks, brooms, skeletons, and maybe witch hats?! I’ve started adding little accents here and there but am waiting for the full onslaught until at least October 1st. Here are a few tips for keeping your decor chic and neutral but still whimsical…

01. The key to all of this decor is to use them sparsely and find unexpected places to accent. Think trays, open shelving, the ceiling! It makes me genuinely smile when I see a tiny skeleton just chilling on the kitchen shelf.

02. It’s also a good time to swap out or add some floral elements. Moody leaf branches as I’ve got in our living room right now or, as Chrissy of Harlowe James does below, golden colored berries. They are both fun options!

03. Move things around, especially if you have kids! That skeleton you see above surprised Max when she came home from school and has been making its way around the house (Max has named her Skeletey #cleverone). I’m now eying the larger size too.

Random Amazon finds I can't live without / mStarr design

I’ve been rounding up some of my favorite items, some of which I’ve already stocked up on. What are you guys planning for your decor this year?


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