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Festive Gift Wrap for the Holiday Season!

mStarr design / Festive Gift Wrap for the Holiday Season!

last year’s tree and wrapping scheme (mostly from Minted) Maybe you’re done gift shopping (not me)? Or maybe you’ve just started (me)? Either way, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to wrap everything when the time comes. Last year (as you can see above) I went with mostly muted neutrals and nostalgic patterns and while I don’t know which direction I’m headed in this year, I’ve rounded up lots of festive options that are all contenders!

Check them out below and be sure to check out my gift guides while you’re here!

mStarr design / Festive Gift Wrap for the Holiday Season!

01. St. Frank Daisy Suzani Wrapping Sheets at Maisonette / 02. Minted Multi-Cultural Santas Wrapping / 03. Christy Dawn Furoshiki (reusable!) fabric wrap / 04. Amazon 3 Rolls of Velvet Ribbon / 05. Afloral Preserved Ferns / 06. Minted Pom Poms Wrapping / 07. Target Loveis Wise Dancing People Gift Wrap / 08. Rifle Holiday Tree Farm Wrapping Sheets / 09. Anthropologie Furoshiki Reusable Gift Wrap / 10. St. Frank Shell Psychadelic Kilim Wrapping Sheets at Maisonette / 11. Target Loveis Wise Petite Christmas Tree Gift Bag / 12. Minted Merrihaus Wrapping Paper / 13. Amazon Velvet Ribbon Spool / 14. Minted Precious One Wrapping Paper / 15. Minted Nutcracker Suite Wrapping Paper / 16. Holiday greenery…the real stuff! Go foraging. / 17. Minted Perfect Plaid Wrapping Paper / 18. Target Sled Gift Bag / 19. Amazon Trapezoid Bells / 20. Amazon Cone Bells / 21. Etsy 18th Century French Textile Wrapping Paper by SoChroma / 22. Amazon gingham ribbon / 23. Etsy William Morris Marigold Chintz Wrapping Paper by MadebyLUVstore


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