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i’ve been to IKEA twice this week. why you ask? hjärtelig. that’s why. well in all honesty, the first time was for that. the second time was to get more pictures frames which actually aren’t part of the collection but i digress. anyways, i first learned of this limited edition collection via social media and was impatiently waiting for the day it was released.

made from natural materials, IKEA says the hjärtelig collection will help create a soothing, sensual space. the pieces are very organic and most don’t scream IKEA in any way whatsoever. they do, however have IKEA pricing! unfortunately, it looks like the collection is only available in stores but it’s totally worth the trip if there’s one near you.

below are some of my favorite pieces…

1 / rattan hangers. i picked a few sets of these up, maybe to display some of max’s clothes and to keep in my styling inventory.

2 / rattan headboard. did you know the “headboard” you see in our bedroom is actually a tabletop?! when we first moved in, i commissioned a dining room table that didn’t turn out as planned. because it was so large, the makers said to just keep it and they’d send a new one. so we got creative and used it as a headboard. it’s served us fine until now but it’s not very tall because it’s just resting on the ground and it moves around too much. so it’s time for something new! these are affordable, great looking, and mount right onto the wall.

3 / display dome. this is a smart way to show off small items that you don’t want to get dusty.

4 / basket with lid. i love how this is a flat basket. you could stack them up or use them under the bed, dresser, or baby’s crib!

5 / green duvet cover + pillows. i’m bummed this doesn’t come in king size because i’d love to incorporate some green into the bedroom.

6 / back pillow. we’re still feeling out the best way for us to spend time with max in the new playroom. it’s a small space so we often find ourselves sitting up against a wall. it’s not comfortable. enter this pillow! it looks great + provides the cushion we need.

7 / throw blanket. i’m a sucker for blankets. especially linen ones. especially linen ones that cost $24.99. and like most linen products, the material becomes softer over time!

8 + 9 / small planter with trellis + large planter with trellis. waterproof planters that have been treated on the inside. love the black trellis.

10 / bench with clothes rack. i so wish we had room for this somewhere. i’m tempted to buy it anyways or use it for the weston house project i’m working on.

if you can’t get to an IKEA, i put together some similar options that can be purchased online!

have a great weekend!


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