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Spotlight on Clare Paint (With Colors Used in our Home and Client Projects!)

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Our main bedroom with Clare Classic / #farmhousedialfano

Paint shopping can be overwhelming. Often times I find myself sorting through 100 shades of white, 50 shades of blue, and it’s all a bit much. Enter Clare, who streamlines the selection process for you! There’s no shortage of beautiful colors to choose from (with more added on a regular basis) BUT there are just four whites to choose from, twelve blues…you get the idea. Jess and I partnered with them for our #mstarrxohidesign makeover project and they’ve honestly exceeded both our expectations in all categories.

So why Clare?

/ It’s a black, female-owned business (I originally featured them in this post last year)! Nicole Gibbons, a talented interior designer, founded Clare when she realized no paint company was offering an easy (or convenient) way to shop for paint.

/ The paint has low (like basically nothing) odor, has zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) + colorants, no hazardous air pollutants, is GREENGUARD Gold certified, has no EPA chemicals of concern and more. This is genuinely a paint you can feel good about putting in your home.

/ The paint gives great coverage and dries very quickly.

/ They offer adhesive + removable paint swatches which are incredibly accurate in terms of color.

/ Clare Color Genius helps you decide what color(s) to go with!

/ The whole selecting and ordering process is easy!

Clare Classic also used in a current client project

While we’re on the subject, how about a few tips for selecting the perfect paint color(s)!

01. Gather inspiration! Whether it’s a paint color, a picture, an item, whatever.

Think about what you like about the color, that image etc. and how it will translate to your home or project.

02. Decide whether you want a warm or cool tone.

Be sure to consider the tone of existing woods, rugs/carpets, and furniture.

03. Think about what finish you want or need.

Eggshell is a pretty good bet for a not-too-matte, not-too-shiny look. You may want to consider a semi-gloss for heavy touched/often-used areas like trim.

04. Move your paint swatches around the room(s).

You want to see how they look at different times of the day to see how it truly reads in your space.

Need some inspiration for your next project? I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Clare colors!

01. If you’re looking for a cool white that doesn’t feel too stark, Snow Day is it. Jess and I chose this color for the walls in her guest room/office (part of our #mstarrxohidesign makeover) and it instantly brightened the room.

02. Whipped would be what I would use in our house if it wasn’t already painted a warm white. I have, however used it in a couple client projects (both little girl’s rooms), and it’s lovely.

03. Ah Classic. The paint color that does it all. Seriously. It’s the color we decided on for our main bedroom makeover, our bathroom makeover, and for a living room client project I’m working on right now (both above).

04. I’m considering On Point for a nursery I’m currently working on. It’s a neutral with warm undertones and could look different depending on the time of day and its surroundings.

05. Seize the Gray is a true gray. It feels fresh and light and is super versatile.

06. I am obsessed with Flatiron, a warm color that leans more beige but also has some slight gray undertones.

07. Founder Nicole is from the Detroit area and Motor City pays homage. It’s in the gray family but has green undertones and is just gorgeous in person!

08. Current Mood. One of Clare’s most popular colors and one we chose for an accent wall in our bedroom, a powder room in a client project, and a dining room in another client project. This moody green color is that good.

09. Jess’ guest room/office has a wall that’s filled entirely with closet doors. So when we were finalizing paint for the room, I asked what she thought about the doors. She was hesitant at first but went with it, and we are SO happy with it. Well that color we used is Set in Stone. It’s bold yet subtle and is a lovely gray/blue color that goes with so many other colors.

10. I just chose Goodnight Moon to use in a little boy’s room and I can’t WAIT to see it up. It’s a dark, bold midnight blue color reminiscent of a moonlit sky.

11. Looking for a subtle pink color? Wing It is a “barely there pink” with peachy undertones.

12. Meet Cute is the latest color reveal from Clare and I’m currently waiting on a swatch because I feel this rosy shade needs to find a home in Max’s room.


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