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2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Staying Home

Random Amazon finds I can't live without / mStarr design

I’m admittedly a bit behind in gift guides so without further ado…the third one! And this one just screams 2020. It features items best used, loved and appreciated at home. Let’s make our time at home cozy, comfortable and inviting! Treat your loved ones to goodies they can’t get everyday or wouldn’t normally indulge in.

As a reminder, I tend to curate these gift guides based on products we may already own, products I have my eye on, products that others share, and products from brands I’m already a fan of. There will be some inevitable cross-over so be sure to check out all the guides as I continue to share them. And as always, I’m covering a variety of price points for everyone’s budgets!

Some of these items may sell out quickly (but could restock) so you’re best ordering as early as possible this year especially because of inconsistent shipping times. I’ve found there’s no rhyme or reason to what’s on schedule and what isn’t in Covid times. Even items from the same company have been on different timelines.

01. We gifted ourselves an Ooni pizza oven for our anniversary this year and are OBSESSED. It produces restaurant quality Neapolitan style pizza and better yet, it’s compact and portable.

02. No home is happy without various candles and this balsam scented one from Anecdote is perfect for the holiday season and beyond.

03. With (small) gatherings limited to outside, this electric blanket is a great way to keep someone warm and cozy!

04. Give the gift of reading with a Kindle. I have loved mine for years.

05. I think it’s safe to say that many of us are missing our regular manis and pedis. Olive & June has an entire system for doing your own pedicures (manicures too!) in a foolproof way.

06. Anyone else a seltzer addict? It’s basically all I drink besides water and while we have an old Sodastream, I’d love to upgrade to this gorgeous Aarke Premium Carbonator which comes in various colors/finishes.

07. Slippers are great but how about a shoe you could wear out of the house that feels like a slipper?! These shearling-lined Birkenstocks are just that.

08. Another must-have for outdoor time? A fire pit of course! The solo stove is chic and easy to use (a heads up that it’s backordered and won’t ship until just after Christmas but is worth the wait)!

09. If we’re going to be doing more dishes, at least use pretty tools for getting the job done like this French Kitchen Necessities Box from Boxwood Avenue.

10. Keep the phone charged throughout the day with a pretty marble charging pad from Eggtronic.

11. Most movie theaters remain closed but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a movie theater experience at home! The CINEMOOD 360 is a mini projector that creates up to a 12-foot projection with no computer or outlet needed. Stream and download from Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube and more.

12. What’s worse than nursing a cup of coffee only to have it go cold quickly? The Ember smart mug regulates temperature so you can extend that much-needed coffee break.

13. We got the Breville Barista Express last Christmas and I truly can’t recommend it enough. It’s not always that easy or convenient (or even desirable) to go to a coffee shop these days and this machine is a pretty foolproof way to get those lattes and espresso shots at home.

14. Zoom calls and Facetimes are here to stay and AirPods makes them both easier.

15. If you’re anything like me you, have WAY too many photos (many duplicates) on your phone. Sure they’re backed up to my iCloud but the ibi gathers all your photos and videos from phone, computer, flash drives, and social media in one place.

16. I’ll be honest, I really want a Roomba. But it won’t work well in our home (floor vents, uneven floors, wood dividers between rooms etc.). Wah wah. But being home so much means extra vacuuming and your loved ones will be appreciative they don’t have to do all the work anymore.

17. ‘Tis the season for organizing! Get them started with glass airtight containers that will take their pantry from sad to something The Home Edit gals would be proud of.

18. The fewer trips to the sink the better. Enter LARQ, a self-cleaning water bottle where a purifying UV light activates every couple of hours.

19. Oh Barack, you’ve been missed. His first presidential memoir A Promised Land is winning rave reviews, spotlighting beautiful writing from the President who has always had his way with words.

20. Cozy and hand-dyed? Who wouldn’t want to lounge in these Scarf Shop socks from Midland?

21. So apparently the Opal Ice Maker is worth every penny. And having gone through labor + delivery, I do see the appeal of chewable ice “chips”/nugget ice/whatever you want to call them. This is a splurge but one your loved one(s) will love.

22. I’ve shared the Ice Roller before and it’s truly one of my favorite beauty/relaxation products. It’s good for the skin, feels amazing, and can help address tension which pretty much anyone could benefit from these days.

23. Speaking of relief, the Lord Jones CBD Chill Balm is designed to help soothe and moisturize, and is perfect for tired feet, sore necks, and any other body or mental ailment.


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Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links which means if you purchase a product I've linked to, I may receive a small commission at NO additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting the brands I support!

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