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2021: The Under $50 Gift Guide

mStarr design / 2021: The Under $50 Gift Guide

This is both the earliest I’ve ever put out a gift guide and the latest for probably every other content creator. I’ve been trying to strike a balance of yes the supply chain is a mess and also not wanting to bombard! And so…here I am with the first of the 2021 gift guides! And it’s one that isn’t going to empty the wallet…everything here is $50 or under (well except for one item which is $55 because it deserves to be in here. Forgive me.)!

Some notes…I tend to curate these gift guides based on products we may already own, products I have my eye on, products that others share, and products from brands I’m already a fan of. There will be some inevitable cross-over so be sure to check out all the guides as I continue to share them.

Some of these items may sell out quickly (but could restock) so you’re best ordering as early as possible this year especially because of inconsistent shipping times. I’ve found there’s no rhyme or reason to what’s on schedule and what isn’t these days. Even items from the same company have been on different timelines.

Want more holiday content? Check everything out the holiday shop and holiday central on the site!

mStarr design / 2021: The Under $50 Gift Guide


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