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A Much-Needed Living Room Update (Decorated for the Holidays!) with Joss & Main

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We moved into #farmhousedialfano more than 6 years ago. And over time, I’ve worked on pretty much every space in the house…except one: the TV area of the living room. I grabbed a media cabinet at Home Goods years ago that was only ok looking and was way too big (too tall and too wide). So when the time came to work with Joss & Main on a new campaign, I jumped at the chance to finally tackle this area.

And let me say it is AMAZING what one media cabinet has done for the overall vibe in here. One change led to another and another and I'm just so happy with how everything has come together. The living room is a pass through-room (as is the dining room) so when walking from the kitchen into the dining room and then into the living room, you were seeing a disorganized, too-big media cabinet and it was just not appealing. And while we’d be sitting on a pretty couch with lovely decor around, we were staring at a pretty ugly TV situation. ha. (See below for a picture that Max snapped at some point. Consider it the before.)01. We gifted ourselves an Ooni pizza oven for our anniversary this year and are OBSESSED. It produces restaurant quality Neapolitan style pizza and better yet, it’s compact and portable.

I ended up choosing the Bobbi Wood TV Stand in the walnut color. It was actually the second one I ordered (the first wasn’t a good color or size). The challenge was finding something that is lower than the TV (I wanted more separation than before and the TV is at the perfect height for viewing) and wider than the TV but isn't too much wider because then we'd be back to square one with a too-big piece.

When it first arrived, I was admittedly torn, thinking the wood might be too rustic but the straight lines of the piece kinda temper that and a little rustic is ok in our house. I made the call to put it together and I'm so happy I did because I was immediately sold.

Our old home has little storage so the media cabinet ends up being a bit of a catch-all housing items such as childhood photos and picture albums, batteries, command strips and hooks etc. So initially I thought we needed one with all doors to hide everything. Settling on this one though was good as it forced me to really organize and purge what’s inside it! Plus I get to display a pretty bowl and box. The shelves are adjustable, and since the cable box was my biggest eyesore concern, I simply put it in a narrow space and it really just blends in.

The color is quite lovely, with various tones coming through. It really fits in perfectly with the other wood tones in the room. Oh and I swapped out the handles which makes it feel a bit more personalized. With a lower profile piece, there’s finally room to have some fun with styling and since I’ve only decorated for the holidays at this point, it’ll be especially exciting to restyle it next month! Make sure you’re following on Insta to see what I end up doing, wink wink.


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Disclosure: Joss & Main provided product and as always, opinions are my own.

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