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A Preview of the Emtek Door Hardware Going in Our House

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Happy New Year friends! I enjoyed a simultaneously busy yet relaxing holiday break complete with an unintended break from Instagram (more to come on that actually and how it plays into my still-working-through plans for 2023). With a new year comes a focus on home improvement, decor & function so like so many others, I chipped away at a few projects & made updates around the house during my time off (plus some minor rearranging after taking the holiday decor down (see them all here). One exciting project is changing up all of our door hardware...interior and exterior!

This is an overdue project after being in our 1898 home for a year and a half and dealing with a mishmash of old doors with old and non-standard size knobs.To the point where several doors don't even shut (2 of them being bathrooms)! Thankfully my friends at Emtek were game for helping with this much-needed update (they generously gifted the hardware but as always, opinions and selections are my own). Emtek offers high quality, American-made hardware in a variety of finishes and styles and there's truly something for every need & desire.

Once everything is all set, I'll put together another post with before & after pics and more details on the installation (let's just say that it's not as easy as it could be because of how old/poorly installed our doors & existing knobs are). For now, I wanted to share a bit about what hardware I selected and why. The primary decisions to be made were the following: finish, rosette (backplate) style, knob & lever style, handing if applicable (which way a lever faces), and function of the door (privacy, passage, or dummy).



I immediately knew that French Antique was my finish of choice. It's a beautiful brass tone that looks aged in the very best way. The only exception is our back door hardware which will be Satin Brass as French Antique wasn't available in my desired style(s).


I decided on a few styles to mix & match for added visual interest: rectangular, regular and oval. But telling a cohesive story by using the same finish and knob/lever style: Melon knob and Turino lever. The melon knob has a decidedly vintage feel and feels whimsical yet elevated. The Turino is timeless.


This is only applicable for the Turino levers. If the door hinges are on the left when standing on the outside of a door (which opens away from you), you need a left hand lever. If they're on the right, yes you need a right hand one.


We need a mix of privacy (able to lock from the inside) and passage (no locking mechanism).



I am so excited to transition to an electronic lock. It's something we've talked about doing for awhile and decided on the Emtek EMTouch Electronic Keypad in Satin Brass combined with the Franklin Tubular Entry Set with Turino Lever in Satin Brass.


Since this isn't our primary door, I opted for no electronic lock and chose the Franklin Tubular Entry Set with Turino Lever in French Antique.


This is an old louvered door that shuts with a magnet and has a knob hole already drilled so I chose the Melon Oversized Knob in French Antique. I may however install a dummy door knob down the line for something for substantial.


There isn't much space between the knob and the edge of the door so I kept it simple with a smaller rosette...Melon Passage Knob with Regular Rosette in French Antique.


This is the door that separates one part of the house from the other and it stays open 99.9% of the time. I went with a Turino Passage Door Lever with Rectangular Rosette in French Antique.


Because this serves as a guest room on occasion, I did a Melon Privacy Knob with Oval Rosette in French Antique.


Considering the existing knob recently fell off while I was inside the room and subsequently got locked in, this is an update I'm very excited about! I went with the Melon Privacy Knob with Rectangular Rosette in French Antique.


Kept the rectangular rosette that's on the main door but opted for a Turino Passage Door Lever to pair with it. French Antique of course.


Giving her a privacy knob felt like a bad idea so went with the Melon Passage Knob with Oval Rosette in French Antique. The oval is SO sweet in this room.


Following the same thought process as our closet door (same rosette, different knob), I chose the Turino Passage Door Lever with Oval Rosette in French Antique.


I am not looking forward to this one as it's a seriously weird door / knob situation but this is another that doesn't shut and since it's you know, a bathroom, it will be awfully nice to be able to shut it! I went with the Melon Privacy Knob with Oval Rosette in French Antique.


In all honesty, this beautiful knob will be the nicest thing in the bathroom. It's small, ugly and not super functional but it will have a pretty knob: Melon Privacy Knob with Rectangular Rosette in French Antique.

Make sure you're following along on Instagram as I'll continue to share progress over there (there's also a story highlight where you can catch up/keep up).


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