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Early Holiday Updates with Scotties Facial Tissues x Genevieve Gorder Winter Collection

Random Amazon finds I can't live without / mStarr design

Well it’s official…runny nose season is upon us. Although I suppose it never really went away this year, am I right?! I am always looking for attractive tissue boxes because most are simply not that appealing and yet they’re a necessary part of life in the Fall and Winter. For the past couple years, I have been working with Scotties Facial Tissues on various campaigns, and I’m so excited about their new Holiday collection with Genevieve Gorder (yes that Genevieve Gorder from HGTV fame)! This is the second collaboration between the two (you can see some of the original collection here) and this go-around the designs are offered with Scotties Triple Soft tissues which feature THREE layers of softness for ultimate protection, and I can attest to them being super soft on the skin.

I love that the new designs are as equally suited for the holiday season as they are for the winter months. With so much of 2020 spent at home, we’re focusing even more on our spaces and there’s no reason your tissue boxes should put a damper on your home decor. As I start to ease into holiday decorating (just like the rest of you, I’m ready earlier than ever to add some cheer to #farmhousedialfano), I thought it was a perfect time to share how I’m incorporating the Scotties x Genevieve Gorder boxes into our home! There are 8 exclusive designs to choose from, some more neutral and some more playful.

Random Amazon finds I can't live without / mStarr design

While I’ve got some new ideas planned for this season thanks to really fun Target Dollar Spot purchases (sneak a peek below in the kitchen), I tend to stick to similar “themes” for holiday decor…fresh and faux greenery, white florals, textured and patterned linens, candles etc. Put plainly? I aim to add coziness and warmth.

Max’s room is a compact little space, layered with fun colors and patterns. I foresee lots of fairy lights as in year’s past (plus a driftwood deer she affectionately named Rosie) but so far I’ve added a faux garland to her floor length mirror and already it’s making me happy! How good is that cable knit box design?! Sooooo cozy.

In the living room, the first thing I did was to replace a piece of art with this fabulous faux wreath. Then I pulled out the dead flowers from an arrangement Bill got for me on our anniversary a few weeks ago and was left with a gorgeous and perfectly winter-appropriate assortment of greenery and flowers! No plans to move it…

Lastly, if I can recommend just one thing for holiday cheer? A disco ball! I actually keep them in various rooms year-round but in the winter months, they are especially festive and add such a fun glow.

Scotties is currently offering a coupon for their Genevieve Gorder collection. Don’t miss out…


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Disclosure: this post is sponsored by Scotties. As always, opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands I support!

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