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How to Mix + Match Throw Pillows


There are two things I am an unabashed hoarder of…rugs and throw pillows. But pillows? Well, they have my heart. And since one of the most asked questions I receive on Instagram is about the pillows on our couch, I thought iId dig into how to mix + match pillows to your heart’s delight. Why pillows? Oh so many reasons!

/ They require little legwork. As in you arrange them on the couch and voila! Instant update.

/ There are endless options {fabrics, patterns, colors, textures, sizes + shapes} to choose from.

/ They are one of the cheaper ways to change up your decor. $30 goes a long way.

/ Neutral couch? No problem! Pillows can transform a blank canvas.

/ Looking to change things up on a seasonal basis? PILLOWS!

Amber Interiors

Studio McGee

As with everything in #farmhousedialfano, as well as my client projects, I mix high end and low end pillows, artisan and mass-produced. Meaning I’ve invested in pillows that are more than $100 from favorites such as Ellisha Alexina and McGee & Co., and stock up on others that are $40 and under from the likes of Target, Home Goods, and H&M Home. I aim to have a stash of pillows of all sizes and shapes on hand so I can change things up on a whim {which is often}.

Some tips…

01. Build up a collection! While you’ll end up with plenty of sewn pillows {ie. those whose covers can’t be removed}, I also recommend snagging a bunch of pillow covers. They are great because they don’t take up a lot of room and you can easily swap them out. H&M Home, IKEA, Etsy, and OKA have some great pillow covers.

02. Think about the story you’re trying to tell. are you leaning towards a more neutral look? It doesn’t have to be boring! You can combine various earth tones and add visual interest with subtle patterns or textures. or are you looking for something bolder? Pick brighter colors and busier patterns.

Consort Design

Jenni Kayne

03. Come up with a general color palette, taking your couch into account. I suggest 3-5 colors.

04. Do you want more of sparse look or one that’s fuller? Can your couch accommodate a lot of pillows? If you’re concerned about space, focus on just a couple pillows on the ends. and if you want a more-is-more look, consider lining the length of couch.

05. Be mindful of the size of your pillows. You want your biggest pillows in the back with smaller ones in front.

06. Think about symmetry. Do you want a more uniform look with the same number of pillows on each end? Or something a bit unexpected with 3 on one end and 2 on the other. Do you want to use a couple of the same pillows or use all different ones? If using two of the same pillow, I always recommend mixing them with other designs and trying to space them out.

Harlowe James

07. An L shaped sectional offers up lots of pillow space. I like to focus on the ends and where the L meets in the middle.

08. Do you want more of a refined look {work on perfecting your “karate chop”} or more of a relaxed, lived-in look?

09. When buying pillow inserts, I recommend a size bigger than the size of your cover. Inserts have the tendency to deflate easily, especially with extended use, and a larger size keeps them looking fuller longer.

10. As I always say when styling, have fun! It might take a few tries before you have the combos you’re looking for.

Speaking of combos, I've put together some favorites below…

01. back / middle / front

02. back / middle / front

03. back / middle / front

04. back / middle / front

05. back / middle / front

06. back / middle / front

07. back / middle / front


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