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last minute holiday gift guide – books!

waited til the last minute? don’t fear, i rounded up a list of books for her, him, and the kiddos {thanks amazon prime}.

one / michelle.

two / written by the author of one of my most favorite children’s books.

three / joanna gaines.

four / my friend kate released a cookbook that offers fun twists on new england classics.

five / picked these up for max.

six / get tips from the queen of small space living.

seven / loved eva chen’s second life episode + i’m excited to gift her new book to max on tuesday!

eight / chrissy tiegan.

nine / i just love this charming book with its charming illustrations.

ten / in case you forgot that #farmhousedialfano was in a book, it’s in this one.

eleven / barack.

twelve / max loves all things ballerina these days.

thirteen / “if eloise had lived in an animal-only hotel, it would have had the style and whimsy of the parker.”

fourteen / i want to live in this book. or a treehouse.

fifteen / italy, japan, iran, india, peru, uganda and russia…this book shares a day in the life of kids in each of these countries.

sixteen / bill and i recently saw journalist + columnist michael smerconish speak and he was as enjoyable in person as he is to watch on tv/listen to on sirius. this book is a collection of his most memorable columns and ALL author proceeds benefit the children’s crisis treatment center, a philadelphia-based, private, nonprofit agency that provides behavioral health services to children and their families.

seventeen / we are very close to potty training max! we’ve had this book for awhile now + it’s a cute one.

just like for the littles, for her, for home, and for him, there are more options here!

happy shopping and happy holidays!

ps. did you miss our guides for the littles, for her, for home or for him?


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