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last minute mother’s day gifts 2018

there’s still time! thanks to amazon prime {naturally}. i rounded up some last minute gift ideas to arrive before mother’s day. she’ll never know….

1 / i’ve been eyeing these classic nike’s. they go with everything. 2 / i keep net market bags in the car, my bag, the house…they hold a ton and eliminate using paper or plastic bags. win win. 3 / who wouldn’t want to fall asleep on worn in french linen sheets? 4 / i love using this jade roller. it helps with lymphatic drainage and the cool jade feels great on the skin. 5 / kids get to play, why not adults? this therapy dough is like adult play doh and helps with mom’s stress. 6 / obama. let’s leave it right there. 7 / this hair mask was sold out for months, it’s supposed to be incredible! 8 / i included this backpack in my other gift guide but thought i’d include here as well! 9 / does mom have 50,000 pictures on her phone {oh wait, that’s me}? i’ve had this printer in my amazon cart for months after seeing the beautiful pictures it prints at my brother’s house. 10 / moms are often short on time and these mules are easy-on, easy-off. 11 / i originally found gabby via instagram and her new cookbook is packed with simple and tasty recipes. 12 / maybe mom needs to decompress? with a glass of wine? this is such a pretty puzzle! 13 / floret’s instagram is one of the most beautiful accounts. their book is equally as beautiful {and helpful}! 14 / who has time to vacuum? let roomba do it for her. this one is wifi enabled and can work with amazon alexa. 15 / this is my favorite electric kettle. makes making tea a breeze! 16 / i’ve used rosebud salve since college. i keep tins everywhere! this is a nice three pack.

and remember, if you’re ok giving an IOU, check out the original gift guide.

happy mother’s day!


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