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Mixing & Matching Shoppe Amber Interiors Pillows...My Top Tips Plus Shop With My Everyday Code!

With every new season comes the itch to swap out home decor items like blankets, florals, and pillows. The shift from Winter to Spring is one of the more dramatic ones in my view, and the perfect time to introduce softer colors and more whimsical floral patterns. My husband might say I "horde" pillows but I like to say that I "collect" instead and consider them an important component in any styling arsenal. Shoppe Amber Interiors has the prettiest selection of unique and one-of-a-kind pillows so I thought I'd go ahead and show how to mix & match some of them. with my code MSTARR15 and get 15% off!

My top tips for pillow styling?

* Incorporate different sizes & shapes. For example, 22" square with 18" square or square with lumbar.

* Think about scale. Mix small patterns with medium or bigger ones.

* Pair contrasting patterns such as florals with stripes or checks.

* Use colors that don't clash but complement. What tones you can pull out from a favorite patterned pillow? If you want a more subtle look, go with the neutral tones. If you want something bolder, go with the more colorful ones.

* Solids don't have to be boring, think about using ones that have texture to them to add visual interest.

* Use an insert that is at least one size bigger than the cover. So a 20" cover should be paired with a 22" insert.

left / middle / right

left / middle / right

left / middle / right

left / middle / right

Did you know that you can use my code MSTARR15 anytime at Shoppe Amber and get 15% off any order?! Happy shopping.


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