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A Mother's Day Gift Guide


here’s to the moms…the unsung heroes. to the zoom coordinators, the grocery shoppers, the home hairstylists, the keepers of the house, the caregivers. you are amazing, and you deserve to be celebrated every day, any year, especially this year.

i’ve rounded up some ideas that i hope will bring joy to both the recipients and the givers.


01 / getting fresh flowers isn’t as easy as popping into the grocery store or farmer’s market these days. and we’re still in blooming season around here so YES to all the flowers, especially when they come from farmgirl. pair a bouquet with a handmade vase from bloomist.

02 / this tee from the bee & the fox is incredibly fitting for our current circumstances, yes?

03 / give her a siesta emblazoned blanket by clare v for anthropologie…and the time to take that siesta.

04 / this sunbeam necklace by zoe chicco is a splurge but she’s worth it right?! right.

05 / a tumbler for her water, a tumbler for her wine. win win with these rifle x corkcicle beauties from gus & ruby.

06 / luxurious sandals from jenni kayne are a year-round staple.

07 / sure it’s a trivial + a total first world problem but man could this mama use a manicure. and not one by my daughter. give the at-home mani kit from olive & june everyone is talking about {i have some of their products and can highly recommend!}.

08 / treat her to breakfast in bed! tray / pitcher / vase

09 / i don’t think i would ever take this washable silk set from lunya off.

10 / puzzles have become a quarantine staple. this one from inner piece is beautiful! find it at olives & grace.

11 / ariel kaye, founder of parachute, just released her first book called how to make a house a home. it’s a perfect book to peruse and pull inspiration from, especially with spending so much time in our homes. pair it with a comfy robe also from parachute.

12 / i received a spacemask recently + have been waiting for the best time to use it {ie. when i just can’t use my brain anymore. we’re getting close.}. these masks are self-heating and infused with jasmine which is one of my favorite scents!

13 / she’s out of this world, give her the moon + the stars…in earring form. BONUS: for every order placed, missoma is donating 2 meals to those who need it most right now.

14 / as someone with chronic neck pain, i’ve had my eye on this neck, back + shoulder massager. and i’m pretty sure any mom could appreciate + use this right about now.

15 / this bath caddy from anthropologie has stunning floral details and would like mighty fine with a glass {or two} of wine on it.

16 / speaking of wine…sign her up for monthly delivery! helen’s wines is now shipping nationwide and they have various packages depending on your price point + preferred shipping frequency.



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disclosure: this post contains affiliate links which means if you purchase a product i’ve linked to, i may receive a small commission at NO additional cost to you. thank you for supporting the brands i support + for allowing us to be a source of inspiration!

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