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mother’s day gift guide 2018

 my almost 2 year old. taken by uncle jesse of  two elk studios

my almost 2 year old. taken by uncle jesse of two elk studios

since becoming a mama myself, mother’s day unsurprisingly feels different. i have a new gratitude for my own mother {who is the best grandma, or “ema” as max calls her}, and a better appreciation for female genealogy. while gifts shouldn’t substitute for love and affection, they can have meaning and they certainly can be fabulous! they don’t need to be fancy or expensive, but they should be thoughtful and/or useful! enjoy the curated list i’ve put together and note that some of these will not arrive in time for sunday but a printout with some beautiful flowers {and maybe some rosé?} will suffice in the meantime.

1 / vinter’s daughter is an indulgence that’s worth every penny because but that’s the point of a mother’s day gift right?! 6-8 drops and it feels like a mini {totally non-toxic} facial.

2 / a body wash / lotion combo from one of my favorite beauty lines. maybe even throw in a balm dot calm which is my everyday go-to for a little glow.

3 / i’m a teeny bit obsessed with true botanicals pure radiance face oil so it stands to reason the body version would be equally as lovely.

4 / hatch is a must have for pre/during/post pregnancy and their new beauty line for mamas looks awfully luxurious.

5 / i have an old clarisonic that hasn’t been touched in years. with my investment in {mostly} non-toxic skincare products, and a propensity for clogged pores, the pmd clean seems like it would be a good addition to the regimen.

6 / since having max nearly two years ago, i’ve alternated between a fawn diaper bag and a madewell transport backpack but neither really suit my {nor max’s} current needs. my newest bag fits the bill though! this skip hop backpack is affordable, roomy, comfortable and the vegan leather makes it easy to clean!

7 / i’ve been eyeing these everyday leather mules for months now.

8 / a new lightweight version of a personal favorite and the beige color goes with virtually everything. allbirds are particularly great for travel!

9 / so not everyone is a hat person but i certainly am. janessa leone has beautiful, simple designs {ps. major bonus points for matching mama + babe hats!}

10 / love these simple birthstone rings from ariel gordon. max and i are both june babies {a day apart!} so pearls it is.

11 / i can’t remember where or when i came across these silhouette necklaces but they’re such a nice twist on a personalized piece of jewelry.

12 / cuyana crafts timeless leather bags that she’ll use forever. this oversized tote is a great size for the mom who needs to lug around lots of stuff but can be worn as a messenger style to distribute the heft!

13 / leave it to gwyneth to offer the perfect signet ring…for your pinky! available in silver or gold.

14 / washable. silk. jumpsuit. enough said.

15 / one of my beloved bags. give her a forestboun escape bag…combined with an actual escape!

16 / bill gifted me a maya brenner letter necklace long before max came into the picture, and i wear it every single day. perhaps it’s time for an upgrade?!

17 / apolis makes chic and useful market totes. these mom + daughter versions, available at anthropologie, are the cutest!

18 / who doesn’t love joanna gaines? pick up the latest edition of magnolia journal and gift it with a yearly subscription.

19 / for the design enthusiast, a shameless plug for the book our home is featured is in.

20 / rupi kaur’s words are uplifting and thought-provoking. gift her debut book, “milk and honey“, with her recently released “the sun and her flowers.”

happy shopping and happy mother’s day to all of you beautiful, tough, resilient mamas!


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