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#MSTARRXOHIDESIGN Makeover Update...Meet Our Partners!


Garnet Hill bedding

It’s been a minute but I’m excited to be back with an update on the #MSTARRXOHIDESIGN makeover project! As a refresher, my friend Jess of Oh I Design and I are designing a room in each other’s homes. I’m designing her Guest Room {also currently serving as a temporary nursery for her son and work space for her husband while his office remains closed} and she’s tackling our Master Bedroom, a very sad space that has never been designed. You can read all about what we’re working with + what we envision for each space in this post {read Jess’ post here}. 

While you haven’t seen much on Instagram {that’ll change very soon!}, we have been working non-stop behind the scenes finalizing details and designs, and even starting some of the execution. We have partnered with some amazing brands on this project and are thrilled to share them with you!


When Bill and I bought #farmhousedialfano nearly 6 years ago, we had exactly 1 day between closing and moving. Thankfully there were no major updates to be done but we did want to paint as many of the rooms as we could, and one of them was our bedroom. I never did much more after that {other than our Hunter Douglas shades} so it’s time for a refresh! Paint is such an easy, and often affordable, way to make a major update in your space and Jess and I are thrilled to be partnering with Clare on the paint for this project. 

Clare has a wide variety of beautiful colors {neutrals and bold colors alike} to choose from and you can feel good about using their paints in your home as they are Zero VOC {non-toxic, not-harmful} and GREENGUARD Gold certified {meets rigorous emissions standards and has fewer pollutants}. Bonus points for the company being founded by a kick-ass woman who is also a talented interior designer {Jess and I both loved Nicole’s episode of the Second Life podcast if you’re into podcasts}. 

Clare aims to make paint shopping enjoyable and not overwhelming which let’s be honest, it usually is given just how many colors and finishes there are at your typical paint shop. They have a Color Genius quiz to help pinpoint what you’re drawn to and Jess and I are both big fans of their adhesive {and removable} paint swatches. We like to see how a color will work in various spots in a room and at different times of the day. Jess’ guest room gets good natural light and our bedroom gets pretty decent light but like many rooms, if the day is especially overcast, the walls can transform.  Being able to easily move around the paint swatches throughout the day was a huge help for Jess and I to finalize our colors. 

We’re going to keep you in suspense about what those colors are but you can see the samples we received below/above and I will tell you that each room will feature two overall room color plus an accent wall in my room and accent closet doors in Jess’ room!


When Jess and I shared our wants and needs for each room, I told her that the one thing I really wanted to make happen was some type of wall treatment to add character to the space. We both agreed on shiplap! Given how uneven our walls, ceilings, and trim are, the idea of installing true shiplap was honestly unappealing. Too much work, ha. Enter Wallplanks, a company that offers peel + stick wall accents that are environmentally friendly. The raw materials used in their products are sourced only from managed forests in the US, the top coats + stains used are all water-based and UV cured to protect air quality, and there is no added formaldehyde in any of the products. 

We decided to go with their classic shiplap and install it vertically which is a bit more contemporary and will hopefully make my small room with low ceilings appear larger and taller! Wallplanks shiplap has a pretty genius interlocking system which takes the work out of having to space the planks yourself. You get a professional ⅛” nickel gap and a far easier installation. 

I’ve started the install and so far, so easy. We’re not used to perfection {or close to it} in this almost-200-year-old-house and true to form, there are going to be gaps and lines that I’ll need to deal with. The good news is we plan to paint the shiplap which will help cover them! 

While there’s lots more to come on this, I thought I’d at lease share an exclusive promo code in case you’re looking to take on a new project in the coming weeks...use code MSTARR35 for 35% off your order


Jess and I work with The Carpet Workroom for various client projects and they were our first pick for this project. A family-owned business with years of experience and hundreds of carpets to choose from, we knew they’d have the perfect options for our rooms. 

While there are many things that drive me nuts about our bedroom, never having a rug that fit is at the top of the list. In order for a rug to fill the length of the room {17’}, it would also have to be VERY wide and well, that doesn’t work when the width is just 9’. So I’ve always just used a 5 x 8’ rug on one side of the room which goes partially under the bed, and then a 2 x 3’ on the other side of the bed so there’s at least something underfoot. It’s been ugly. And impractical!

As you’ve seen, the room is broken up into 2 areas...the bed area and the storage area with the main door and bathroom door essentially forming these 2 spaces. Because we need to account for both of these doors opening into the room, the carpet {and pad} can’t be a super high pile. Jess’ room, thankfully, is a pretty standard shape + size and we both want some of the wood floors to show rather than do wall-to-wall carpeting. Since her room is bigger, we’re leaving about a foot of floor visible and just 5 or 6” of floor in our room. 

We haven’t been able to get to the Carpet Workroom showroom due to quarantine but Matt, one of the owners, sent us a bunch of samples based on what we were looking for and came over a few weeks ago {with his mask of course!} to get final measurements in both our rooms. The orders are officially in and we can’t wait to share what we chose!


When we moved into the house, we had a queen bed {seen in our design*sponge feature here} and while it does fit the room better, we simply need more space while sleeping. When I was pregnant, we sacrificed the extra space for a king bed and never looked back. 

For the past several years we had a memory foam mattress that was admittedly quite comfortable but did a number on my neck and back {I have chronic issues with both}. I had been told numerous times that memory foam isn’t good for me so this project was the perfect excuse to finally do something about it. Have you heard of Avocado? A few years back, the founders wanted a green mattress that was affordable and couldn’t find one. So they created their own and now offer non-toxic products made from organic materials that are luxurious, comfortable and don’t break the bank. Jess and I are SO happy to be working with them on this! 

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive and we can add ours to the thousands of others who love their Avocado. Bill and I are very different sleepers. He’s primarily on his stomach and I’m primarily on my back or side. After sleeping on our green mattress with the green topper for a few weeks now, we are both pretty obsessed. We feel supported but completely comfortable. We also got pillows and the best part is being able to remove or add filling to get it just right for each of us. 

Jess has a pretty new mattress in her guest room but we did select a topper and pillows to upgrade it...hopefully by the time our project has wrapped up, she’ll be able to host family + friends again!

and my second purchase…a 14k yellow gold {also available in white + rose gold} handmade ring with a natural raw diamond. i chose for the stone to be set horizontally but it can be vertical if you prefer.


Keeping with the theme of piecing-together-random-things over the years in our bedroom, our bedding has been a mishmash. Mostly of good, high-quality items because we’ve wanted to be comfortable but nothing that really looked put-together. Jess has previously worked with Garnet Hill and I’ve been a longtime admirer of their bedding so they were a natural fit for this project. 

Garnet Hill is a New England-based company that operates with a social and environmental focus, and gives back to the community in various ways. In other words, they’re a company we feel great about partnering with, and they have the prettiest bedding to choose from! 

We’re sticking with our existing comforter because it’s lightweight and I’m a hot sleeper, but I told Jess to find a duvet cover, sheet set, shams + end of bed blanket. I chose the same for her and everything has already arrived and is SO beautiful! Linen and cotton and silk oh my!


What makeover would be complete without new furniture?! There were a number of directions we could’ve gone in when it came to furniture and we explored plenty of them. In the end, an opportunity came our way that we couldn’t be happier about. Chilton is a family-owned company based in Maine {yay for another New England partner!} making hand-crafted, American-made wood furniture in traditional, Scandinavian and contemporary designs. The majority of their pieces are made by builders in small Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont workshops and can be customized in various woods and sizes.

More to come on our selections {!!} but we picked a bed, nightstands and a dresser for Jess’ room and decided on a dresser and armoire for my bedroom which I am beyond excited about as both our existing dresser and armoire have been with me for well over 15 years! We skipped a bed for my room and not because there weren’t plenty to choose from but because the options are quite limited for finding a frame that will actually fit the space and allow the door to the room open. The good news is that we’ve got something else in the works that will be just perfect! 

And there you have it. We are actually still confirming a couple remaining partners {thanks Covid!} and will share as soon as they’re confirmed. In the meantime, be sure to follow along on Insta as we have lots of sneak peeks coming your way, and stay tuned for selections and design boards in our next posts!


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Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links which means if you purchase a product I’ve linked to, I may receive a small commission at NO additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting the brands I support!

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