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my favorite items for home organizing


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well…here we are. mostly homebound and if you’re like me, you’re perusing the sales {did you catch my serena & lily post? sale ends tomorrow!} and working on projects around the house. with the addition of our new appliances {more on them this week!}, and some other storage-related changes, i’ve spent a lot of time ORGANIZING. and oh how good it feels! i thought now would be a great time to share some of my tried + true’s plus some newer items that are transforming our kitchen. *bonus* many are on sale right now! everything is functional but many are always attractive.

check them out below and i’ve also created a shop page that i continue to add to so check back often!

 MSTARR DESIGN / favorite items for home organizing

01 / this slim metal basket is super versatile. i actually keep one in the fridge to corral one-off items {almost overripe avocados etc.}. bonus: those wood handles!

02 / two of these 9” lazy susans live on the top shelf of our fridge…one for often-used condiments and one for sunbutter, jelly etc.

03 / sure we could’ve used these can organizers in our old fridge but they wouldn’t have been nearly as functional. now they hold lacroix and beer cans.

04 / i’ve used various sizes of these clear storage containers for years…mostly for dry cereal and pasta.

05 / BPA and plastic free, these glass storage containers are eco-friendly AND how pretty are those bamboo lids?! they also come with silicone stretch lids as well.

06 / we have our knives displayed on a similar magnetic rack. it’s a chic way to have easy access while cooking.

07 / the space under our sink is pretty cramped so most of the under-sink storage options don’t work. this simple organizer works perfectly, and i recently got another one for a cabinet to store measuring cups and less-used kitchen tools.

08 / these wood storage bins are used in both the playroom and bill’s closet.

09 / i wouldn’t be able to count how many of these are in the house. i use them for EVERYTHING.

10 / these higher edge lazy susans are great for bigger bottles that might tip over when spinning.

11 / fewer things give me greater joy than an organized freezer. these bins are key for making that happen.

12 / i’ve purged almost all the plastic containers we had over the past couple years and replaced them with these.

13 / the home edit’s labels available at the container store {there are also versions for pantry, kids, closet etc.}.

14 / these chic containers look great out in the open or in a pantry.

15 / a new addition to the fridge, i keep a bottle of cheap wine i use to make risotto plus a couple other nicer bottles to drink.

16 / i know i just shared these serena & lily baskets but they are awesome. so here they are again.

17 / catch-alls for anything + everything.

18 / we have one of these lazy susans in…our lazy susan! it holds everyday items like balsamic vinegar, cooking spray etc. and lives at the front of the lazy susan so we don’t have to pull the whole thing out to access.

19 / we currently keep our ground coffee and beans in these stainless containers.

20 / more baskets that i use for everything, and the lower front makes items even more accessible.

21 / multi-purpose bins that can be used with or without those pretty bamboo lids.

22 / smaller and taller baskets that i use in cabinets for items like extra phone chargers and bruno’s poop bags.

23 / more bins for your fridge + freezer!


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