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Random Amazon Finds I Can't Live Without

Random Amazon finds I can't live without / mStarr design

We all have a love/hate relationship with Amazon right? But there’s no denying the expansive offerings and quick shipping {I’m a Prime member} make it convenient. Between social media marketing, recommendations from others, and searching for something based on our needs, I’ve discovered plenty of seemingly random items and many of them I truly can’t live without now!

I’ve rounded up my favorites below…

Random Amazon finds I can't live without / mStarr design

01 / Smells be gone! I was looking for something to help reduce smells in the kitchen from cooking and an AC-triggered musty smell that’s occasionally in the living room on very hot days. I stumbled upon this Hamilton Beach TrueAir Odor Eliminator and Bill and I noticed a difference the very first day. PS. It comes with an optional scent cartridge {we don’t use it}.

02 / It’s iced latte season and I remain obsessed with our Breville Barista Espresso Machine. But after finding a travel mug for my hot lattes this past winter, I realized I didn’t have a good one for cold drinks! While it’s not fully insulated, this silicone-wrapped glass mug keeps my coffee cold for awhile and bonus: it’s super cute!

03 / We have central AC {thankful for this!} but our kitchen is always hotter than the rest of the house and bread tends to get moldy more quickly. I found this simple white bread box and am happy so far! It fits a lot but doesn’t take up a ton of space, has a silicone gasket to keep everything fresh, and the metal handle is a nice touch.

04 / We are big fans of our Caraway cookware but because they’re oven safe, the lids can get pretty hot. These lid covers are easy to put on/take off and do the trick.

05 / I’ve been swapping out a lot of our old metal cooking utensils and replacing them with more eco-friendly wood versions. This set comes with a bunch of options and looks great on our counters!

06 / I would pay someone to give me a scalp massage every day if I could. It’s one of my greatest joys. This scalp massager shampoo brush isn’t quite the same but it does feel good and gets my shampoo extra sudsy!

07 / We had a similar dish rack that got kinda gross after a couple years. I didn’t feel like ordering it again from Crate & Barrel and had to place an Amazon order so found this one and it’s been great! I kinda wish it had a wood accent on the handles but it’s sleek enough to look good on the counters everyday.

08 / I shared these adhesive nose strips on Instastories. For masks that either don’t have built-in metal nose pieces or you want a little extra protection for indoor use, these are great. They’re not foolproof and may not adhere to certain masks as well as others but overall I recommend! Check out some of my favorite masks in this post!

09 / This digital angle ruler has come in handy while installing the shiplap in our bedroom as part of the #mstarrxohidesign makeover project {more to come on that}!

10 / I use these terry cloth headbands while washing my face. They’re a must for keeping soap etc. out of your hair!

11 / We are long overdue for a new washer + dryer, and our front-loading washing machine gets moldy even after just one wash. These affresh cleaning tablets are septic-safe and freshen up the inside of your washer.

12 / Max has a combo picnic/water table and the bins that came with it started breaking. I found these colorful bins to replace them {they also are great for gathering small outdoor items}.

13 / Forever a favorite, the Ice Roller is a must-have for relaxation/cooling down/headaches/skincare. Keep it in the freezer and use whenever you need a pick-me-up.

14 / Julia Marcum {of Chris Loves Julia fame} recommended sweat wristbands when washing your face. I sometimes forget to put them on and am immediately reminded of how well they work for not getting your shirt soaking wet!

Do you have any favorite Amazon finds? Let me know!


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Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links which means if you purchase a product I’ve linked to, I may receive a small commission at NO additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting the brands I support!

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