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 wedding backdrop!

wedding backdrop!

we have just returned from an incredible trip to colorado for my baby brother’s wedding! it’s been a few years since i was there and almost forgot how the altitude can affect pretty much everything, including my skin. so i thought i’d share some of my favorite beauty products that i use on an everyday basis and specifically while traveling. planes are no friend to skin my friends! the best part is most are non-toxic and all make you feel {and look} amazing.

1 / tata harper’s resurfacing mask. instant glow! 2 / i’m obsessed with tata’s floral essence {aka toner}. i use it after cleansing and before oil/serum, and throughout the day for a little moisture and glow. 3 / an everyday super fine exfoliating cleanser. i love using it under the resurfacing mask for a 5-minute mini-facial {i did this the morning of the wedding!} 4 / skin can be unpredictable while traveling. this spot solution targets and rids blemishes quickly. 5 / vintner’s forever and always. for everything. 6 / this glossier SPF goes on clearly and easily. 7 / both max and i use this. it goes on a little while but easily blends in with your fingers. 8 / i swear by beautycounter dew skin. gives a little coverage, a lot of glow, and offers SPF coverage. win, win, win. 9 / i alternate this vitamin c booster with this 10 / antioxidant booster. both get mixed in with 11 / cellular repair serum. the combo is minimizing/removing my sun spots and makes my skin feel amazing. 12 / i typically rinse just with water in the morning but love this simple hydrating cleanser from true botanicals in the evening. 13 / i’ll never go back to regular face lotions again! seriously. i use the renew face oil in the evening and 14 / the calm version in the morning to help with any redness i may have throughout the day {i’m prone to a little redness on cheeks and chin}. 15 / schmidt’s just works for me. i actually love the rose & vanilla scent best but you have to deal with temporary armpit stains until washing and with the lime, you don’t! 16 / water and more water while traveling. especially where we were in the mountains! i fill it up after going through security and bring it with me everywhere. 17 / an everyday go-to for a little tint and glow on my lips and cheeks. 18 / i keep tins of rosebud salve everywhere. i use it on my cheeks, lips, and hands whenever dry. 19 / a little texture spray goes a long way. 20 / dry shampoo. enough said.

happy shopping {and traveling}!


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