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{effortless} holiday tablescape inspiration

 holiday tablescapes / mstarr design

happy thanksgiving week! wayyyyyy back in 2017, domino featured 3 very different tablescapes i designed and it recently occurred to me that i never shared them on here! the timing of the feature lent itself to spring entertaining ideas however they were designed more for the winter + i hope they can provide some inspiration for your own holiday entertaining. i wanted to spotlight one in particular as it feels especially lovely for thanksgiving + the upcoming holidays. the table was photographed beautifully by lindsay hite with florals by true vine + rentals from borrowed blu + peak.

 holiday tablescapes / mstarr design

this is actually one of my favorite tablescapes i’ve ever designed, and i’ve designed a lot over the years. it’s whimsical yet elegant, organic + homey, and allows for a little imperfection. executing is pretty effortless and to make it even easier, i’ve rounded up some similar items that can help you recreate the look. start with a blue linen tablecloth or runner and either cover your table or if you have a nice wood one, do what i did and show off some of it by draping the fabric asymmetrically {disclosure: at the time, i used a linen top sheet! but i’ve found some actual tablecloths for you…}

next up are to layer handcrafted stoneware dinner + salad plates {feel free to add more if your meal calls for it} on the table. i chose to layer unevenly but if you want something a little more streamlined, you can certainly center the salad plate on the dinner plate.

 holiday tablescapes / mstarr design

to round out the placesettings, you’ll want copper tumblers {you could even use for wine!}, wood, tortoiseshell or gold flatware {vintage if you can find it! check out ebay + etsy} and linen napkins. have fun with your napkin placement and/or fold! layer under the plates, fold loosely and put under the flatware, or pinch it together and place on top of the plates.

 holiday tablescapes / mstarr design

and lastly, the decor! candles are a prerequisite for holiday dinners but i encourage you to think outside the box. who says candles have to be in candleholders?! i decided to get thin beeswax candles and display them in vintage brass bud vases. you could use candle putty or something similar on bottom of the candles so they stay upright. they look delicate + add a whimsical touch to the tablescape.

while you could always incorporate floral arrangements or even dried florals {just keep them low so everyone can see each other!}, i had true vine studios create a “garland” of italian ruscus and snowberries to run down the length of the table. this is honestly as easy as taking sprigs of greenery {whether from a grocery store, floral shop, your backyard or even the side-of-the-road} and layering them on the table. we also used smaller sprigs of ruscus to nestle in the forks. it really adds an unexpected element to the placesetting! to finish the look, remove the heads of some roses and scatter them as you see fit around the table. have fun with it!


if you’re looking for some additional holiday entertaining inspiration, see below and check out my holiday entertaining pinterest board. just remember though! no matter what you do, you want your tables to be both functional and beautiful….


ps. my holiday + seasonal decor roundup is live! i keep adding to it so be sure to check back often.

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