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Rounding Up Resources + Things to do While Home!


Happy Thursday! Is it Thursday? I’ve lost track, ha. Anyone else feeling too much pressure to plan out your days while at home? Whether with work and/or kids? This is unlike anything any of us have ever experienced so I’m starting to lean in more to letting things happen how they happen. That’s not to say we’re not trying to find some consistency with some things regarding Max but I'm just not sure rigid structure is realistic for our family right now. Between a very active 3 year old and both Bill and I trying to work, the weight of what’s happening around us can be overwhelming.

I shared this post on my Instagram stories and it really spoke to me. The gist is that there are no rules. To not stress about added screen time for our kids, to not care about ditching a planned activity in favor of something else that better suits everyone at any given time. That what we’re experiencing is NOT normal and therefore we can’t do everything we might normally do.

SO…I’ve rounded up a number of resources, activities, links, people to follow, newsletters to sign up for, how to help others, and much more to keep us going. I will continue to add to this post so please check back + share with others!

01. I've created a “social distancing” highlight in my Instagram stories where I’m saving things we’re doing at home, sharing ideas from others, resources etc.

03. / Pinterest! You’ll find me over there often, finally taking the time to properly organize my boards {which is about 2 years overdue}.

04. Did you see this video?

05. And who can forget this oldie but goodie? He is everyone right now.

06. Jessica yellin is a wonderful resource right now. calm, easy-to-understand, and informative.

07. Kelly Wearstler was just added to the Masterclass roster.

08. New movies are being released on demand! I’m looking at you Trolls World Tour.

09. Emily Schuman has a great list of movies to binge, and crime podcasts to listen to.

10. Books I’ve read recently and what’s on my kindle list. PS. Amazon is offering a 30 day free trial for Kindle Unlimited.

11. Skillshare is offering 2 months of premium service free. Bring out or nourish your creative side!

12. Get moving! The Peloton app is free right now for 90 days. NO bike required.

14. Kid-focused blogs / content creators: The Mama Notes, The Everymom, Oh Joy, Motherly, Scary Mommy.

Hang in there, we’re in this together.


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