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Holiday Gift Guide...For The Inner Child

mStarr design / A Holiday Dinner Tablescape with Floral Canopy…and Tips for Creating Your Own Festive Table!

Does it feel early for a gift guide? Yes. But retailers kicked off the holiday season weeks ago and now that Halloween has passed, we're fully in it. So without further ado...our first gift guide!

This one is for the inner child. Don't we all want to feel that sense of nostalgia especially around the holidays? Delight your loved ones with everything from a face mask that bubbles up & makes you look like a troll from Frozen to intricate LEGOS.

A note about gift guides...I tend to curate them based on products we may already own, products I have my eye on, products that others who I trust share, and products from brands I'm a fan of! There will be some inevitable cross-over along the way so be sure to check out all the guides as I continue to share them (and sign up for our newsletter where I'll send them out).

Some items may sell out quickly (but could restock) so you’re best ordering as early as possible this year especially because of inconsistent shipping times and signing up for in-stock notifications where available. Another tip is if you use the LTK app (follow @mstarrevdesign here!), you can simply save items if you're not ready to purchase or need to go back to something. All of these gift guide items will be posted there as well!


You can't help but smile wearing this cheerful necklace.

Stressed? Bored? Distract yourself with this dough infused with essential oils.

Customize your cocktails with an easy-to-use glass topper smoker.

Fun for all ages but the retro vibe of this one certainly feels more grown up.

My brother got this recently and I admit, it's realllllllly fun, especially to play all the old games I played as a kid. This one comes with a 7" screen if you're not near a TV!

I almost bought this for myself last year and remain tempted. An activity that ends up a piece of memorabilia? Sold. Same with this 07. LEGO FLOWER BOUQUET.

Stay stress free this holiday season with CBD lollipops in flavors such as huckleberry and paloma.

If you think I didn't immediately add this to my Amazon cart, you'd be very wrong. Perfect stocking stuffer!

Hearts just take me back to childhood. Plus you can add a monogram to this chic & versatile bag.

A winter essential in a whimsical floral pattern.

Remember these? Instead of looking at something ready-made, gather your cherished photos and enjoy those memories.

Not for the faint of heart, it supposedly takes serious attention to detail and patience to put this model together but it's adorable!

This kit comes with a hoop, illustrated linen fabric and the needle & thread, everything you need to create your own piece of embroidered art.

Got a table? All you need is this cute set to keep everyone busy.

You have to look at the review photos. Hilarious but more importantly this South Korean detoxifying mask seems to work really well and the price can't be beat!


THANK YOU for checking these guides out and for shopping directly from them if you feel so inclined. It helps keep this li'l business going.

For holiday inspiration, check out my Holiday Decorating, Holiday Entertaining, Fa la la la la, and Winter Decor Pinterest boards. For holiday shopping, check out our Holiday Hub and LTK exclusive content.


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Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links which means if you purchase a product I've linked to, I may receive a small commission at NO additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my small business.

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